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I am the leader of a cult following of individuals who want a better AriesMS. I am the one and only true double OG, snoop double OG, bring the mic for the MC 🐎
Mi nombre es Patricia Gonzalez, me encanta mucho ir de compras con mis amigas y algunos familiares,es así como investigo en donde están los mejores outlet en esta ciudad, con la intención de comprarme la mejor ropa y estar a la moda
I logged in today cuz I was bored and you were online and AFK. So I wanted to say hi.
So hi. :p <3
Hey I’d love it if i could have someone look over my email ticket i put in over 2 months ago so i could play again.
When i loging in game, I have a notification"Your password to old, Please reset" , and i tried to reset my password and I forget my email password . I tried to change the mail but still did not see, the time I tried was over 2 month. my ariesms usename is zonlin841029
Methods you have tried: I changed my email but only received notice " Your ticket is being reviewed, email changing to: [email protected]