Wind's Miraculous Chaos Scroll Calculator for Discord


Jun 12, 2019
Welcome to Wind's MCS Calculator

Post an image, the stat you care about, and the number of stars on the item and the bot will return the MCS, weighted score, and number of expected inno 40s (assuming 30% pass rate) to get a MCS equal or better.
How do I get access?
Wind's MCS Calculator is available to guilds via discord server.
The guild leader should add the bot via this:
(Full disclosure, I ask for perms to send messages, read message history, and view channels. I think this is the minimal set for the bot to work, but haven't actually tried removing any of them).
The guild leader should then contact me so that I can whitelist the guild.
If you're not part of a guild, click here.
What are the expectations for guilds using Wind's MCS Calculator?
Guilds are expected to ensure that their users don't abuse the bot. Specifically, guilds should work to ensure that members are not spamming the bot, as there is a (tiny) monetary cost for every request. If a guild is found to be abusing the bot, I will revoke perms.
There is currently no limit on the number of requests a guild can make, but that may change in the future depending on the total number of requests I'm receiving.
I also need to be able to view and type into the MCS calculator channel specifically in case issues arise. Obviously I can be blocked from accessing the rest of the server.
How do I use the bot?
Just type !mcs <stat> <stars> in a bot enabled channel with the image attached. If you want to link an image instead, append uri=[image_url] at the end. If the item is primed, append primed=true at the end. If the bot is acting weird, append debug=true to see what values the bot thinks the item is.
I have a feature request/think the bot is wrong.
Contact Wind#8519
What does the bot log?
The bot logs who/what server made each request, and what the full request was.
How does the # of inno calculations work?
The # of innos needed is computed by simulating 50000 trials of mcs'ing the item, and seeing how many will be better than the current score. One caveat is that the bot does not consider when the attack goes to 0, but in practice this has little effect. (Even on a meister, which starts with +1 atk, the true estimate is only 10% higher on a good mcs)
How is the MCS score interpreted?
The mcs score is computed as how much better (or worse) the item is than a item that is scrolled without any MCS's (primed, ags'd, or ss'd).
Each stat difference is worth 1 point, and each att difference is worth 2.5.
How do I interpret the MCS score?
Halcyon's current interpretation:
Super scrolled:
>28 = meh
>35 = good
>42 = great
>55 = godly

>13 = meh
>20 = good
>26= great
>33 = godly

Why did you do this?
I got sick of seeing "don't know" for MCS values on item selling posts.

What is the uptime of this bot?
The bot is generally up, I haven't bothered setting up a testing version, so sometimes I will break the bot as I try to add new features, but you can generally expect it to be up. That said, I'm not going to wake up in the middle of the night if the bot breaks.

Don't use this bot with shields.

Sometimes badges are treated as normal items. I've tired to catch all the ways the text might be read, but more always seem to pop up.

Memoize the inno score with a higher number of runs for more accurate and faster results.


Thanks to Prestige, Winter, Treason, and Peanuts for testing and finding so may bugs with the bot!
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