Warming Up to 2019!

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Jul 17, 2018
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Dear players,

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Ariesmas Event 2018
With Ariesmas 2018, we decided to be a little more generous than usual because after all, it was the Season of Giving. Therefore, we gave players a way to acquire little gifts every reset (via our Christmas Tree) and pieced together a guild event for the sole purpose of bringing people together.

One of the reasons which we added the rule that limited the maximum number of players was to maintain fairness within the event, as it is evident that larger guilds will most definitely have better odds in qualifying for rewards. As it is our first Guild-based event for the server, we did our best in making it as enjoyable and fair as possible. If there are any feedback and/or suggestions on how we can improve future Guild-based events, please do not hesitate to forward them to our Staff and we will review them accordingly.

If you've noticed, one of our Event Daily Quests are fixed (and do not rotate as mentioned in the Event Thread), where we've included one wish from each constellation to the players. In case, you were in a hurry to complete them, here are all 12 of them from us to you. We hope players had fun searching for them as much as we enjoyed planning it; as each constellation provides a wish based on their personalities.

"For this Christmas, I would like to wish for players to have everlasting energy & drive,
to inspire with confidence and to compete till the top."

"For this Christmas, I would like to wish for players to be surrounded by the best of everything.
Regardless if you prefer the peace, or if you prefer charging headfirst,
that you will savor every last bit and know when to take a break."

"For this Christmas, I would like to wish for players to be curious and to find your interests.
Be adventurous or be keen in the know. Knowledge is power!"

"For this Christmas, I would like to wish for players to be intuitive and nurturing.
Chase your dreams, and to find comfort in who, where and what you are."

"For this Christmas, I would like to wish for players to be dazzling and be generous.
To make your stand and to make love, not war."

"For this Christmas, I would like to wish that you'd slow down and notice the little details around you,
as it's the little things in life that matters the most. I wish for you to be quick-witted and amazing."

"For this Christmas, I would like to wish for players indulge in good food and a harmonious environment.
To be fair, to take your time, and to do everything with style."

"For this Christmas, I would like to wish for players to have good vibes and to be loyal.
To trust and to be passionate."

"For this Christmas, I would like to wish for players to be happy, optimistic & open-minded.
To be honest, and to forge new friendships."

"For this Christmas, I would like to wish for players to be wise and tough throughout the obstacles you may face.
To be devoted and patient with the people around you."

"For this Christmas, I would like to wish for players to be authentic and to stay true to yourselves.
To be vibrant and tenacious in all that you do."

"For this Christmas, I would like to wish for players to be imaginative and to dance the night away.
To help others in need, and to have compassion."

Last but not least, in view of the minor glitches encountered during the event, we will be providing a slight extension to the period of the event and is scheduled to last till Jan 8th, 2019. The time period for Event Shop will remain as it is.


We are pleased to announce that @Eki has been promoted to GameMaster (GM), with effect from Jan 2, 2019, in view of his performance and contributions made to the server. Please join us in congratulating him!


Player Concerns
We've noticed some concerns players had and we'd like to address them.

When will Paragon's Phase 3 be released (wen p3)?
Phase 3 is still being worked on, as we have been busy for the past few months with Nexon version updates, new 5th Job skills, and more. There is no fixed ETA, but we are estimating it to be completed and released in the 1st Quarter of 2019.

Another reskinned event?
As with custom quests go in MapleStory, we are unable to recreate them to be similar to original quests and therefore can only include implementation to detect certain items. That is why most of our events seem like reskins, but we try to add some differences in each, to provide variety. We received feedback in our past events that players enjoyed the Daily Quest system more than simple grinding of ETC items, to which we concur and prefer to provide players with.

Are GM Events extinct?
Unfortunately, due to time constraint and limited Staff, we were unable to host GM Events too frequently as they require time to plan and execute. In 2019, along with a new promotion, we hope to be able to host more GM Events for players.

When will Normal/Hard Will be added?
At the current time, it is extremely difficult for the Staff to be able to acquire adequate data to implement Normal/Hard Will as it requires certain parameters to be met as well as sufficient damage to reach specific boss phases. If there are players who are willing to provide the Staff with a GMS account to assist us in this matter, please contact Spyro/Eki directly. We are currently looking at the completion of Esfera region, and the ability to reach Phase 3 within 25 minutes.

Whatever the heck happened to @map command?
We are in the midst of verifying the command to ensure that it is to be fair with minimal complications when we release the command to players. We apologize for the wait, but such procedures are necessary to maintain the well-being of the server.


That's all for now, happy 2019!

- Elluel Network Staff Team
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