Verus Hilla Boss Guide

Which job has the easiest time soloing Verus Hilla?

  • Night Lord

  • Night Walker

  • Wind Archer

  • Adele

  • Ark

  • Dual Blade

  • Pathfinder / Marksman / Bowmaster

  • Dark Knight / Hero

  • Bishop / IL / FP

  • Kanna

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Feb 13, 2021
Verus Hilla

Had a day off, so I thought I'd try my hand at writing a boss guide
I would like to thank the community and everyone who helped me adapt and write this guide
Special mentions: Parabellum, Yami07, and my guildmates from Divine
If you have feedback or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me at Discord: Mikael#5003 or in-game IGN: Ljeif

You can solo this boss, and it’s just mechanics
Arcane Force: 1350 ARC (for 1.5x damage)
Level requirement: 275
HP: 240,000,000,000,000 (AriesMS Special)
Damage percentages are based on your HP
Death Count: 5 (Red Skull system)

Helpful videos 🎥

You have five death counts. Instead of a traditional death counter, death counts in this boss fight are displayed as a row of green skulls referred to as “Spirit Stones.” Every time you die, one of the stones will shatter permanently, and you will be removed from the fight once you have no remaining spirit stones.

TLDR: Green is good, red is bad (summon the altar to remove), grey means death.

She’s a bad bitch, so she has four health bars, like lucid. However, unlike lucid, every time you deplete a bar, she gains new abilities and upgrades. You can think of this as she becomes an even bigger bitch. Like every time u smack her, she says something even more offensive.

Source of Suffering

Req Level: 160
STR: +10
DEX: +10
INT: +10
LUK: +10
Weapon Attack: +3
Magic Attack: +3
Defense +200
Charm EXP: 150​

Verus Hilla Soul

Consumes 250 Soul to summon True Hilla for 120 seconds, dealing 1,800%/2,200% damage. Cooldown: 150 seconds. (max level: 2)​

I’m sure everyone here is interested in how you can abuse and spank this boss back to the hole she crawled out of. Fair warning, your party needs to be pretty decent. For reference, a party with good bursts should be able to down Hilla in 4 bursts since most lucid parties can kill her in 20 seconds, 60T in 20 seconds.

You’ll wanna cycle through:
Bind > burst > run > wait for cooldowns

If you’re running solo, try to keep your skulls at either 2 or 4 green skulls since the red/green skull ratio is needed to summon the mini altar is better. Ideally, the best position to be in is 4 green skulls, so you really only have 1 chance to mess it up.

She will place a permanent healing lock on you, so it's similar to phase two if you’ve done WILL. There will be two giant hourglasses on either side of the altar. When time runs out, Hilla will execute a special attack, and the hourglasses will be reset. Each hourglass cycle is estimated to initially take around 2 minutes and 32 seconds. As her health decreases, each cycle will take a shorter amount of time.

Map 1: Safe positions on the map

The map will be lined with candles. You gotta light all of them up to summon the altar, to remove the healing lock. Dying from losing HP does not update candle counts. For example, if you have 5 green skulls, which require 3 candles, if you die by losing HP, you are left with 4 green skulls and 3 candles (supposed to decrease to 2). If this situation happens, you NEED to survive till the next FMA for the candles to update to the new amount.

Number of party members
Number of candles

The number of candles present on the altar is based on the number of members in your party x 2.5, rounded up.

Red Threads:

Every few seconds, giant green hands will descend from the ceiling and unleash red threads on the players below.

If you are hit by one of the red threads, you will be stunned for a few seconds, and one of your green Spirit Stones will turn red.

A red Spirit Stone is not considered a "valid" death count.

If you have only one green Spirit Stone and you are hit by a red thread
, you will die instantly and be removed from the map upon revival.​

Follow up attack

If a hand manages to capture someone's soul with a red thread, it will perform a follow-up attack. It crushes the soul and releases 3 green fragments as projectiles that descend slowly towards the ground.
Getting hit by one will deal 30% of your maximum HP.

Also, getting hit by a red thread and having one of your Spirit Stones turned red will light up 1 candle on Hilla's altar.
Baby Altar:

When all altars are lit, a smaller altar will be summoned at a random position on the map.

This altar can be destroyed by mashing your NPC key.

Destroying the altar will:
Remove the healing lock on your entire party for 5 seconds
Restore all your red Spirit Stones back to green

If you lost all the green skulls and only have reds, do not revive. If your party can clear the altar, it’ll restore your active death counts.
Full Map Attack:

When the hourglasses on the map run out, Hilla will perform this nasty attack.

It doesn’t do any damage, but it will remove red spirit stones. So, if you have five red skulls and the FMA hits, just ff go next.

Ideally, you will want to make one final altar break just before they run out so that Hilla is denied any red Spirit Stones to destroy.


She instantly teleports to one of the party members.​

Has two parts:
A barrage of blue souls; bind
Scythe slash; knockback

When she binds you, you can jump up to dodge the attack.
Forward Slash

Swings her scythe forward, dealing 10% of your HP​
Downward Slash

Swings her scythe downwards, deals 20% of your max HP.

Note: Downward slash has a weird hitbox; Even if you stand behind her, sometimes you might get hit.
Summon Slave

Summons her slave. She can summon a maximum of two slaves at once​
Poison Mist

Poisonous mists are created at random positions on the map.

They will expand slowly and then shrink before disappearing
Standing in them will deal 10% maximum HP per second.

Currently, there's a bug that spawns an invisible mist randomly on the map, so just be wary of your HP.​
Slave’s skill 1: Magic

This attack deals 20% max hp to nearby players.​
Slave’s skill 2: Play dead

Upon dying, it will collapse onto the ground for several seconds and will deal touch damage of 10% maximum HP. Notably, these monsters can still be attacked even in their collapsed state (although doing so has no effect). This means they continue to act as a meat shield for Hilla and can obstruct your 1v1 skills.

To completely remove the slave, you must kill it three times.​

Hilla will upgrade several of her earlier skills into more potent versions. Once her HP in this phase is low (about 30%~40% and below), the hourglass interval drops to approximately 2 minutes and 2 seconds.

Spinning Slash

This attack replaces the Forward Slash from the first phase.​
  • Deal 10% of your maximum HP.​
  • Two skull-shaped projectiles will be created on either side of her, close to the ground.​
  • Getting hit by this projectile deals 30% of your maximum HP.​
  • Lay down to avoid damage or jump up​

This skill does not appear to have any apparent cooldown. She will use this a lot.

When dodging, please know that lying down increases your hitbox, so when you can, jump over the skull instead of dodge to avoid getting hit by strings.​
Bone Wave

This attack replaces the Downward Slash from the first phase. Hilla shrouds herself in a dark green aura before swinging her scythe, creating a wave of bone pillars on either side of her.​
  • They start out short but gradually increase in height as they get further away from her.​
  • The safe spot is directly in front of her​
  • Scythe deals 10% max HP damage.​
  • Bone pillar deals 50% of your maximum HP, making this her strongest damaging attack.​

Thankfully she does not use this often.​
Reverse Bone Wave

This is essentially a copy of the above attack. Still, this time she shrouds herself in a dark purple aura, and the attack takes on an opposite waveform, starting out tall but gradually decreasing in height as they get further away from her.​
  • The safe spot is directly behind her​
  • Scythe deals 10% max HP damage.​
  • Bone pillar deals 50% of your maximum HP, making this her strongest damaging attack.​

This attack has an identical blind spot right behind her.​

She gains one additional skill. Once her HP in this phase is low (about 20% and below), the hourglass interval drops to approximately 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Summon Necro Lotus

Hilla summons the departed soul of Lotus. Only 1 Necro Lotus can be summoned at a time. She can summon him again as many times as she wants.
Necro Lotus

Level: 250
HP: Unknown

Lotus is capable of teleporting and only retains his super-knockback skill (20% max HP damage) and his energy ball skill (1% max HP damage, yes it's that weak) from his original boss fight.

She gains one final skill.

Summon Necro Damien

Hilla summons the departed soul of Damien. Only 1 Necro Damien can be summoned at a time. She can summon him again as many times as she wants.
Necro Damien

Level: 250
HP: Unknown

Basically the same as Necro Lotus.

Damien is capable of teleporting and only retains his super-knockback rush (2.2% max HP damage, yes it's bizarre and weak) and his aerial dive skill (10% max HP damage) from his original boss fight.
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