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Jul 17, 2018
Dragon's Cave
Dear players,

We will be making some minor changes to the usage of Super Scrolls and GM Event Rewards (as well as the Elluel Client).

Super Scrolls
Prior to today's update, aside from the cost of 800 Monster Park Coins (from the Monster Park Shop) and a specific number of Spell Traces depending on the item tier, there are no other requirements for the usage of a Super Scroll. This means that even as new players this is moderately accessible, and is currently acting as the low-high tier option for scrolling despite being the best scroll aside from other equipment that involves using Miraculous Chaos Scrolls.
With that, we will be adding an additional meso cost when using Super Scrolls where the cost per scroll usage will depend on the equipment level tier.
Weapons, for example, will have the following costs (per Super Scroll usage):
Level 0-30 -- 50m
Level 31-70 -- 70m
Level 71-150 -- 100m
Level 151-170 -- 150m
Level 171-200 -- 200m
Along with this change, we will be placing 50% Scrolls (including Scroll for Weapons, Armor & Accessory) that are currently obtainable from Gachapon into the Special Shop under the category of Normal Shop that requires Old Maple Coins to encourage a low-mid tier option for newer players. These scrolls will be obtainable from both Gachapon and Special Shop.
Please be advised that this revision was not made with a focus for a meso sink, but as an establishment for progression in terms of options for scrolling.
GM Event Rewards
Prior to today's update, GM Event Rewards were strictly untradeable and were "stuck" on the character that you participated and received the reward with. This proved an issue for players who had multiple mains on a single account, and/or players who had switched characters for their main.
With the update, GM Event Rewards will be tradable WITHIN the account, and players who receive such rewards will be able to freely move it via the Cash Shop Storage of their account to any other character. We hope that with this change, players will be given the flexibility of using the reward(s) on the character of their choice regardless of which character you participated on.
However, the rule that players can only win once per event remains, regardless of the character used for the account. Any attempt to use a subsequent character to win a second reward after already winning a round will nullify all wins and disqualify you from subsequent GM Events.
NOTE: This update currently only applies to new rewards issued after the update. We are still working on making older issued rewards tradable within the account, and hope to be able to push out this implementation in the near future.
Elluel Client
There will be a minor UI revision made to the Elluel Client during the process of downloading and/or updating. We hope that with this revision, it will provide players with a more detailed interface and a better understanding of your progress during such processes.

There are more changes to come and will be pushed out in subsequent updates where some of which will hope to address inflation issues whilst providing an incentive for players.

As always, we're watching and listening.

- Elluel Network Staff Team
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