Seasons of Change

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Jul 17, 2018
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Dear players,

We want to address the state of cosmetic items being released into the game, and how these items are being handled in the passing of time.

Cosmetic Acquisition
Since the release of the Surprise Style Box system and its rotations, cosmetic items that were released in these rotations were originally intended as a "you had to be there" moment or FOMO (fear of missing out). For players who were there during those times, they were able to acquire the items at the price of its initial release and then profit from them much later when their prices rose from the rarity of those items. For players who weren't there during their release, they would have to amass a certain amount of wealth in order to afford certain items.

Aside from the Surprise Style Box, players would notice the rotation of chairs from Valerie NPC (in which was in-charge of peddling a variety of rewards in exchange for Legends Awards Coins). The most notable rotations of these chairs were the planet and constellation chairs. As with the Surprise Style Box system, players who were not there during their initial release will have to bear the cost should they wish to possess them.

As an up-to-date private server that is fully reliant on the official server's content releases for new cosmetic items, the current cosmetic rotation system will consume all possible cosmetics in its eventuality and the system will collapse. This was an issue that we wanted to address for some time now and is the most important reason why the number of items released every month as compared to previous years has been significantly reduced for Surprise Style Box and has been completely halted for Valerie NPC.

That said, we want to revise an existing system in the game but have not been properly utilized.

Seasons of Change
The term "seasonal event" has been widely used amongst players to describe the occurrences of events that engaged players in completing tasks in exchange for cosmetic rewards and most importantly, Character Slots. Hereon out, we will be adding certain aspects to these 'seasons', including past cosmetic items released in Surprise Style Box rotations and chairs from Valerie NPC. However, past cosmetic items from Surprise Style Box rotations that are to be re-released will not be permanent and will last for approximately 30 days upon acquiring the item. Whether or not these items will be allowed to be traded amongst players will be further discussed within the Staff before their release.

We will be categorizing them into FOUR (4) different seasons with each season lasting a total of 3 months:

  • Season of Festivity (March, April, May)
  • Season of Respite (June, July, August)
  • Season of Grim (September, October, November)
  • Season of Jolly (December, January, February)
At the current time, this is what each Season would include:
  • Season of Festivity
    • Anniversary Event
    • Anniversary Surprise Style Box
    • Legends Awards Gift Box (Festivity)
      • Planet Chairs
  • Season of Respite
    • Red Leaf High Event
    • Summer Surprise Style Box
    • Legends Awards Gift Box (Respite)
      • Assortment of Chairs
  • Season of Grim
    • Halloween Event
    • Halloween Surprise Style Box
    • Legends Awards Gift Box (Grim)
      • Galaxy Planet Chairs (and an assortment of chairs)
  • Season of Jolly
    • Christmas Event
    • Winter Surprise Style Box
    • Legends Awards Gift Box (Jolly)
      • Constellation Chairs
The original monthly Surprise Style Box rotations will not be replaced and will still be released as scheduled. Seasonal Surprise Style Boxes will exist as an additional rotation and will be curated with reference from past releases of monthly rotations with a seasonal pool depending on their cosmetic nature. For instance, items such as Death's Scythe with notable cosmetic nature will belong to the Season of Grim's Halloween Surprise Style Box. Seasonal Surprise Style Boxes will include a variety of cosmetic items from past releases and will not only include popular items as noted in the GM Events Rewards List. They will also have a rarity tier alike their original counterpart, which means items that were more popular in their time will be rarer when opening the respective boxes and will not cost significantly more as compared to the monthly box.

Alongside the addition of the Legends Awards Gift Box, the list of chairs under the SETUP tab of Valerie NPC has been revised and will include previously released chairs that did not fit into any chair sets. Legends Awards Gift Box's contents will be rotated with different sets of chairs from past chair releases and will cost significantly more than the chairs listed. There will be no rarity when opening the Legends Awards Gift Box.

We hope that this revision will provide players be it new or old a chance to experience past cosmetics without needing to sacrifice the majority of player time and still be able to enjoy the flexibility of customizing your own characters. These additions and its consequences were carefully considered while keeping in mind the objective of cosmetics as one of the most anticipated content that players look forward to in AriesMS.

As of the maintenance on March 14, 2020, the Legends Awards Gift Box (Festivity) content has been live.

We have no intention to discard the Seasonal Surprise Style Box system but welcome any constructive feedback regarding the improvement of the system before its official release.

– Elluel Network Staff Team
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