Revisions to Terms of Service (TOS)

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Jul 17, 2018
Dragon's Cave
Dear players,

We will be making the following revisions to our Terms of Service:
  • General Rules
    • Advertisement
      • Added the term 'Discord server'
      • Modified the term 'server' to 'private server'
    • Profiting
      • Added the following clause, 'the intention to perform the act, to use it as a joke, to troll'
    • Spamming
      • Added the following clause, 'initiating the act of spam by means of unauthorized events'
  • In-Game Rules
    • Botting
      • Removed the allowance for third-time offenders
      • Modified punishment for first-time offender(s) from '3 day(s)' to '7 day(s)'
      • Modified punishment for second-time offender(s) from 'Temporary suspension of game account' to 'Permanent suspension of game account'
    • False Bidding
      • Modified punishment from '1 to 60 day(s)' to '1 to x day(s); where 'x' varies depending on the bid value'
    • WZ Editing
      • Removed outdated WZ Edit
      • Added the following clause, 'There are currently no updated WZ Edits that are approved for usage.'
    • Map Ownership
      • Removed the clause for verification of ownership, 'Players are required to type the @check command for the timestamp and screenshot it along with your screen showing that there is no one else in the map before you, to verify that you had ownership of the map as a form of insurance.'
      • Removed the usage of chalkboard and @check in-game command for Map Ownership
      • Added the usage of @map in-game command
      • Reduced the allowed AFK time from '10 minutes' to '5 minutes'
      • Added the clause, 'Any player that wishes to file a report for Kill Stealing is to include the usage of the @map command within the evidence provided, where the failure to do so will result in instant denial of your report. '
  • Forum Rules
    • Avatars & Signatures
      • Added the following clause, 'User(s) are only allowed to use signature(s) with a height of 300px or less.'
The above-mentioned revisions will take effect as of April 15, 2019, and will serve the purpose to provide further clarity to our stance for certain rules, to provide a fairer experience for our players as well as to remind players of our zero-tolerance towards Profiting.

We would like to place emphasis that our rules are not a form of user oppression, but a standard to create a fun, friendly, and fair environment to all users of any or all of our services.

- Elluel Network Staff Team
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