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Jul 12, 2018
This section serves as a platform for players to file a Ban Appeal for Game and Discord account(s) that were banned for committing offence(s) under the Terms of Service. Players who wish to file a Ban Appeal are required to read the following carefully before doing so.



Game Account Appeal
Start your thread with the thread title of: <IGN> Ban Appeal

In-Game Name:
Job of Character:
Ban Reason:
Reason of Appeal:
Screenshot of Ban Message:

Discord Account Appeal
Start your thread with the thread title of: <Discord Name> Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Name (including 4-digit number):
Ban Reason:
Reason of Appeal:


  1. All appeals are to be filled in English with (1) the FULL format given above and are not allowed to omit nor remove any information from the format; and (2) are to contain a screenshot of the ban message indicating the nature of the ban. Screenshots are to be uploaded to a third-party image hosting website with the direct image link included in the appeal. Appeals without the FULL format will be deleted immediately without notice.

  2. All appeals must be made within 30 days from the time of the ban and must be made with your own forum account. Appeals for bans that exceed the 30-day period will not be addressed and will be instantly denied. Appeal threads made with another player's account will be removed and the player whom the account belongs to may be penalized. (Until further notice, the 30-day rule for appeals from the time of ban will be extended to 6 months from the time of the ban. This only applies for bans that were issued from April 16, 2020, onwards.)

  3. Other than the original poster (OP) filing the appeal, no other Forum User is allowed to post or comment on the appeal. If there is additional evidence against the user that is filing the appeal from other instances and/or uninvolved parties for other reasons under the Terms of Service, they are to be forwarded to the Staff via Private Message on the forums.

  4. All appeals are addressed at the earliest availability of the Staff and depending on the nature of the ban. Users are NOT allowed to tag the Staff in their appeal, mention or bring the appeal to the attention of the Staff on any platform including private messages. Users are also NOT allowed to bump their appeals or post a new appeal. Doing so will NOT speed up the process of the review, and may cause further repercussions (or having your appeal instantly denied).

  5. After an appeal case has been closed from an official response, the appeal is NOT allowed to be posted again and where the outcome and response will not change regardless of the number of appeals made. Such actions will be considered as Spamming and separate actions will be taken.

  6. If questioned in an appeal, we strongly advise in stating only the truth and the full details of your response. Falsehoods in an appeal will not assist in your case, and will only aggravate it.

  7. Users filing appeals are NOT allowed to include any form of disrespect towards any member of the Staff. Any form of disrespect found will either extend the duration of the ban or result in the escalation of your ban.

  8. The Staff reserves the final right towards the decision determining the outcome of an appeal.
  1. A brief understanding of the appeal format: (1) 'In-Game Name' refers to the Character Name of the character you were banned on or any Character Name in your account. (2) If unsure of the ban reason, you are to leave the 'Ban Reason' field blank but it will remain as a requirement to include it in your appeal. (3) 'Reason of Appeal' should include the reason why your ban should be lifted and where including stories of regret will not be entertained.
  2. The Staff is NOT obliged to provide any evidence for any ban upon request, and no evidence will be shown for ban reasons of Profiting, Hacking, Botting & Exploiting. This is to ensure the confidentiality of server information, the protection of identities and the secrecy of contributing factors towards the bans such as Profiting & Hacking.

  3. Under little to no circumstances will a temporary ban be lifted regardless of reasons resulting in the ban (on the rare exception of a glitch). Temporary terms for bans serve as both a warning and a second chance for players.

  4. All bans are issued with reference to the Terms of Service and are on a case-by-case basis. Comparisons of ban outcomes on appeals are unnecessary and will only interfere with the reviewing process of your appeal.

  5. Appeal threads that are pending further review (due to the nature of their bans) will be tagged with a 'PENDING' label or prefix and will be locked to prevent bumping of threads. Threads that have reached a final decision and are resolved will be tagged with a 'CLOSED' label or prefix.
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