Rant on current AriesMS trading situation and its affect on endgame progression


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Jul 19, 2018
Hi guys, I don't usually do this kind of thing (or post at all really) but over the last few months, I've noticed a pretty depressing trend in the Aries trading scene, which has slowed my progression considerable and provided endless amounts of frustration over toxic/obstinate buyer & seller interactions. I've kept much of this bottled up but today I had a seriously tilting conversation with one seller to the point where I had an uncontrollable urge to make this rant (I'll include some pictures of the chat log but I'll try to censor the name since I'm not intending to harass him specifically, I'm just angry and tilted at the general population of people like him). In case you guys couldn't tell by now, I'm pretty tilted so this post will probably be long, very disorganized, and might contain spelling/grammar errors. Please bear with me, I'll try to include a tl;dr.

I guess I'll start off with some context. Currently, I am in what I would consider the "end-game" progression and since I have shitty cubing luck and am only good at farming for long hrs in mp, I've been trying to purchase 27% bpot items over the last few months. I'll start off with the tilting conversation I just had today, again, no intended harassment towards said individual, where the seller advertised an item along with, and i quote, "S>c/o 0 a/w 13b". As you can see from the pictures, I offered 6b, at which point he proceeded to COMPLETELY reject my offer. Guys, if you say something like "c/o 0", to at least me, that means "accepting any offers". Last I checked, 6b was alot more than 0. If you have no other offers at that point, why would you voluntarily reject (what I considered) a median/decent starting offer. And then he started to tell me how auctions work??? Let's see, a quick search defines an auction as: An auction is a process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder. Don't fucking offer your item up, reject your first bid, and try to pull the "I'm the seller so its my item and I can do whatever I want" shit. Your right, you can sell your item however you want but if you really don't want to deal with "lowballs" at least provide a starting bid or a disclaimer before you act like a pretentious dick to any potential buyer. You can't just say "c/o 0" but expect everyone to be jumping out their chair and trying to pay out your a/w. At least, have the courtesy to accept other offers and continue advertising...
This kind of stubbornness from sellers seems to be a growing problem in aries and today the word "auto-win" essentially means "I won't sell for any less than this, even if I have to wait months". I actually know of a 27% bpot sgp seller who took my offer of 6.8b and literally spent a month holding onto it and trying to sell for his overpriced a/w of like 10b. Just because AH has overpriced sgps at that price range does NOT mean that item is worth that much. Your item has been unsold for weeks, nobody has offered more on it, get a clue already. It makes me wonder if they are actually trying to sell the item. And a note to that salty seller, I found another 27% bpot sgp for 6.5b, thanks for your kind words back then and for not selling to me. And on the topic of a/ws, why the fuck do so many sellers have overpriced a/ws? I'm more than willing to pay a little higher than whats reasonable for a good item, but dont quote a price 5+b higher than what its actually worth. Just yesterday, I had someone pm me through discord trying to sell a 30/27 str rgr. To find me, he literally went back through 1 WEEK of chat logs on aries fm discord and his price was 17b. Like, you are that desperate to find a buyer but you still are trying to sell it overpriced?? There is literally an unsold 30/27/2 scrolled str rgr in AH (yes, overprice central) for only 14b, why the fuck would I spend 17b for yours? Holy shit, it tilts me just thinking about it.

Also, a mini rant on sellers: stop asking for people to offer on your item. That's just a sissy way for you to reject offers and avoid being rejected when you tell buyers your ridiculous prices. When you say "offer?", we all know you have a skyhigh price in mind and are just trying to appear like its negotiable. If your price was actually reasonable, you wouldn't be afraid to tell others and people would actually buy your item. Not to mention, constantly seeing posts on forums and discords of sellers spamming "S>xxx item, pm offer" is incredibly annoying. For example, imagine trying to buy a computer and all the stores' employees going, "offer?".

Whew, that concludes the rant, I think I hit on most of the points in a very messy way so I'll end with the note that I'm not trying to spread hate on certain players, I'm just very annoyed by the trading community in general and its affect on progression in this game. Pls no drama in comments (if ppl even care that much to read this), I'm just hoping some ppl will read this and maybe think about changing the way they buy/sell items. I'm also wondering if anyone can relate to this rant, cause I'm kinda burnt out with trying to buy items at a reasonable price.:cry:

tl;dr: people's a/ws are usually hella overpriced; sellers can't get a clue and learn how to compromise and they also need to stop asking for offers, its your item, figure out a price. also don't say "accepting offers" and turn down offers solely because it isnt your a/w