Pump-(kin)-ing Forward!

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Jul 17, 2018
Dragon's Cave
Dear players,

In view of the issues encountered during this year's Halloween Event, we will be extending the duration of the event and is scheduled to last till November 23rd where the Event Shop will remain available till November 25th to allow for final purchases. Again, we would like to express our apology towards many of the unprecedented conflicts players encountered with the event mechanics.

Moving forward, we will be making a stronger stance towards authenticity towards prices in the market, where some of the new protocols are already in place. As of October 17th, we introduced measures to verify Discord accounts on our Discord server. Such measures will serve to identify if certain bids made with a specific Discord account is valid and if they are actual players within the server, as well as to ensure that any advertisement of sales are genuine and not made to mislead the community in trusting any false price hikes. We will continue to verify any account deemed fit suspicious, at our discretion and/or upon the notification from other players.

Hereon out, we will be adding a new measure to further prevent usage of unverified Discord accounts on our server and to maintain fair trade within the community. Players will now no longer be allowed to use Discord accounts and/or names as a form of identity when placing bids and/or indicating the user that placed the bid (e.g. c/o 30b mydiscordname#1234). When placing a bid, players are STRICTLY required to indicate their IGN to the seller, and sellers are to provide their IGN when prompted. This applies to all of our platforms including Discord, Forums & In-Game. As a form of clarification, EVERY seller is obliged to provide an IGN when another player prompts upon the identity of the bids advertised. Any player who fails to comply will be assumed as guilty under the False Bidding rule. Please refer to the Terms of Service for full details of the False Bidding rule.

As 2018 is nearing its end, we have the season of giving left to celebrate with the community, the final phase of a pinnacle and a grand new foe to look forward to.

As always,
Elluel Network Staff Team
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