Project Revelry – Phase 1

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Jul 17, 2018
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Dear players,

We are pleased to announce that we will be implementing major revisions to several core features of the game to improve the overall gameplay, progression, and experience of the game. We would like to express our gratitude towards the players and staff that have contributed to the cumulative feedback throughout the years. Project Revelry will span across multiple phases focusing on major aspects of the game that will undergo improvements where the total number of phases will not be revealed to retain anticipation.

These changes are still subject to improvements if necessary, and we encourage players to provide constructive feedback towards any aspect of the revisions we have overlooked.

Please be advised that we will provide as much information as we can, however, any information pertaining to database statistics (e.g. drop rate) will not be divulged and will be denoted with a (^) symbol.


Phase 1 – Economy & Activities
[Release Date: March 8, 2021]

Mesos & NX Acquisition

  • Added meso drop to all maps (including all Arcane River regions)
  • Slightly increased the maximum amount of mesos per meso bag
  • Improved value scaling of meso bag amount in accordance with the level of monster and region^
  • Increased the maximum meso multiplier from 400% to 600%
  • Slightly increased the maximum amount of NX acquired per line activation
  • Improved value scaling of NX acquisition amount in accordance with the level of monster and region^
These changes serve to provide players with more options when it comes to meso or NX farming and award those who have invested more time into their characters (such as Character Level) with better returns. Ultimately, Arcane River regional maps in the Elite Channels will offer the best incremental value out of all other maps as you progress further into the region.

Here's a chart to help you better understand the changes for mesos and NX acquisition:

Spell Trace Acquisition
  • Increased drop rate for Spell Trace^
  • Reduced the price of Spell Trace in Miu Miu's Traveling Merchant from 50,000 mesos to 30,000 mesos
These changes will serve to improve the availability of Spell Trace and lower the current rarity and cost required to obtain quantities of Spell Traces required for scrolling purposes. This should also help to alleviate the process of achieving the 100-Starforce requirement for 5th Job advancement as well as create a disruption to the Spell Trace market that seeks to benefit from others who currently have lesser options in obtaining them. There will be no changes made to the acquisition of Spell Trace from Monster Collection boxes.

Safe Cracker Usage

  • Added meso as an option for Safe Cracker attempts at 5,000,000 mesos per attempt
  • Added large and effect-heavy chairs to loot pool where most of which cannot be acquired from any other sources^
  • Added 4 exclusive medals that the player can claim ONCE per account each depending on the amount of mesos used with Safe Cracker^
  • Added the ability to view the amount of mesos spent throughout the account on the Safe Cracker
The conversion of Safe Cracker usage from Tempest Coin to mesos will serve to provide players with a more readily available option instead of seeking to clear bosses for these coins. This will also allow us to create a pseudo-meso sink while adding incentives such as large chairs that have been sought after by players since launch. We will be monitoring the feedback for the meso cost and adding adjustments if necessary. Introducing these chairs via Safe Cracker will also control the number of large chairs that the community is able to acquire. Some of the chairs included were previously available in past events, but will no longer be available from those sources. There will not be any information provided for the entire pool of chairs added, but a selection of them include Ancient Guardian Chair (Preview), Cart-Cat Business Tycoon Chair (Preview), Feline Nightstalker Chair (Preview), Cloud Ship Constellation Chair (Preview) and Feline Wishes Star Chair (Preview). The loot pool will also be constantly updated with new chairs from official server updates.

Daily Party Quest

  • Reduced maximum number of entries for all daily-limited Party Quests
    • Ludibrium: 5 -> 3
    • Romeo: 4 -> 2
    • Juliet: 4 -> 2
    • Orbis: 3 -> 2
    • Ellin: 3 -> 2
    • Escape: 3 -> 2
  • Adjusted Party Quest Point gain from daily-limited Party Quests to scale with entry reduction
  • Increased PDR (Physical Damage Reduction) and HP values of daily-limited Party Quest bosses to scale with the average level of the party
The reduction of the number of entries required for the maximum amount of Party Quest Point gain per reset will help to reduce the time taken to complete these Party Quests and allow players more time to invest in character-building and farming. That said, we want Party Quests to remain somewhat enjoyable and not become a mere chore that players simply steamroll through the process of. The increase of PDR and HP values will serve to provide a more challenging aspect and may be adjusted periodically to the level of difficulty depending on the average level of the party.

Boss Entry

  • Adjusted all boss entries to be account-bound
  • Reduced maximum number of entries for several bosses
    • Easy Zakum: 2 -> 1
    • Normal Zakum: 2 -> 1
    • Chaos Zakum: 2 -> 1
    • Easy Horntail: 2 -> 1
    • Normal Horntail: 2 -> 1
    • Chaos Horntail: 2 -> 1
    • Normal Hilla: 2 -> 1
    • Hard Hilla: 2 -> 1
The adjustment of boss entries to be account-bound serves to tackle the issue of players utilizing multiple characters to farm for Reward Points and/or certain boss drops. This should create consistency in boss item drop acquisition and Reward Points in the market. The reduction of boss entries for the abovementioned bosses will also reduce a small portion of the time that players are required to complete their daily boss runs. This will also affect any player seeking to participate in those bosses for EXP and are advised to seek alternate options accordingly.

Safeguard Option

  • Added Safeguard option
  • Adjusted the cost for Starforcing in accordance with the meso changes
  • Improved the accuracy of displayed success and destruction rates in Starforce UI
  • Improved the success rates for Starforce enhancements below 16 stars
  • Removed Starforce enhancement degradation for failing an enhancement under 10 stars
The Safeguard option will serve to provide players an alternate option for item enhancements. This will also pave way for the removal of the Star Force Super Scroll (1-15) from the Monster Park Shop in the next phase of updates. Upon removal of the box from the shop, players will be given a period of time before it is disabled to prevent players from monopolizing the market with them. More information on the dates will be provided once finalized. The adjustment of the probability for enhancement will provide players a better idea of the risks involved and follow up with options that will work best for their kit. The final touch of success rates and enhancement degradation will allow players a better experience when it comes to enhancements in accordance with Global MapleStory's Starforce system; do note that the success rates for enhancement of 16 stars and above will remain.

Tempest Coin Usage

  • Removed Tempest Coin from all sources
Upon removal of Tempest Coins from all bosses, we will also be removing the option to use Tempest Coin for Safe Cracker in the next phase of updates. Any remaining Tempest Coins should be used with the Safe Cracker prior to the removal of the option and players can then safely remove them from their inventory (after the option has been removed). There will not be any forced removal of coins, and players can retain for sentimental value if desired.


We hope that these changes will provide a better gaming experience for the general community and we will continuously seek to curate the game into a more rewarding one. Phase 1 is just the beginning, and subsequent phases are no less exciting. If you love teasers and want previews earlier than official releases, then you may want to explore options towards Discord Boosting for our Discord server. To existing Boosters, thank you for the contributions thus far.

– AriesMS Staff
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