Paragon 2.0 Update (Phase 3)

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Mr. X

Jul 17, 2018
Dear players,

This thread introduces the additions / changes made with the introduction of the third and final phase of Paragon 2.0 updates. Following the maintenance on 12th April 2019, players will be able to access the following contents.

Changes in Paragon 2.0 Phase 3
  • Star Force Super Scroll (16-20) reduced to 35 coins from 70 coins.
  • Star Force Super Scroll (21-25) reduced to 50 coins from 100 coins.
  • Elite Chaos Zakum has been nerfed.
  • Entry limit Chaos Zakum has been changed to once every other day (Days 1, 3, 5 etc...).

Extension of the Paragon District

Players are now able to access two additional planets by exiting through the top left portal of Planet Vita for the following contents
  • Paragon Runner - Petite Planet
  • Paragon Carnival - Planet M-426
Music Box
Players can now unlock the option to listen to any Maplestory Background Music of their choice. Players can do so by purchasing the Music Box from the Paragon Shop. For each music change, players will be charged a fixed amount of mesos.

Paragon Runner
Players can now attempt Paragon Runner and get rewarded with Nova coins depending on their performance. These coins can be spent in the Paragon Shop for various goodies.

Elite Chaos Papulatus
Players may choose to attempt Elite Chaos Papulatus through Toonbo on Planet Minel. Players are advised to take note of the following restrictions
  • Players may attempt just one of the Elite Chaos Bosses on a daily basis.
  • Players can only attempt the same type of Elite Chaos Boss every other day.

Paragon Carnival
Team up with (or against) your friends in a classic Monster Carnival matchup! Players can now choose to form their own teams / get matched with other Paragon players for an exciting showdown. Form your own teams, outperform your opponents and stand a chance to earn more Nova coins.


That concludes the list of changes introduced with the third and final phase of Paragon 2.0 updates. Happy Mapling!

- Elluel Network Staff Team
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