Paragon 2.0 Update — Phase 1

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Mr. X

Jul 17, 2018
Dear players,

The wait is over. Long-awaited paragon changes are here at long last. Due to the scale of these changes / additions, we will be introducing them in three separate patches. This patch will address some of the fundamental changes to the Paragon system, with the other two introducing new end-game contents so be sure to keep an eye out for more upcoming changes.

Paragon Overhaul

As previously discussed in this thread, Paragon 2.0 is now in effect following the maintenance on 26th September 2018.

  • Paragon Level Cap has been increased to level 100.
  • Experience gained after Paragon 50 will not be affected by all Exp Multipliers, with the exception of server 2x events.
  • All benefits previously received by players, with the sole exception of the Nova Pride Medal, while raising their Paragon levels will be removed.
  • Nova Pride Medal growth is capped at Paragon 50.
  • Players will now receive points on a per level basis which can be assigned to various perks at Pitju.
  • Players will be compensated with point(s) to assign in a round-robin format based on their existing Paragon levels.
  • Paragon players will be able to access an area specifically dedicated to them for various purposes (more features will be released in subsequent patches).

Initiating Paragon 2.0

Upon reaching level 275, you will be able to use the @paragon command. You will be taken through the basics of Paragon 2.0 on the first usage of said command. Subsequently, players will be able to access their perks either through the use of the aforementioned command or by speaking to Pitju.

New Area for Paragon players

Players who have achieved the Paragon status by achieving Level 275 will be able to access a new area dedicated to them. This area is accessible through the Dimensional Mirror.

Apex Paragon Levels

Following this update, all accounts with a level 275 character will receive Apex Paragon Levels. This value is dependent on the highest Paragon level ever obtained by all of your characters in that specific game account. Apex Paragon Levels will affect the following aspects of Paragon 2.0 :

  • All characters on the same account will have their Nova Pride Medal stats scaled according to their Apex Paragon Levels.
  • All characters on the same account will have their assignable Paragon Points scaled according to their Apex Paragon Levels.

Paragon Perks

Perks will fall under three separate categories. These categories are Core, Combat and Utility. These stats are applied on all characters in a single game account.

Core Perks
  • Primary Stats - Increases your characters' primary stat values respectively.
  • Physical Attack - Increases your characters' physical attack stat.
  • Magic Attack - Increases your characters' magic attack stat.

Combat Perks
  • Damage % - Increases your characters' damage dealt to monsters.
  • Critical Damage % - Increases your characters' damage dealt to monsters during critical hits.
  • Stance % - Increases your Knockback Resistance.

Utility Perks
  • Drop Rate % - Increases your characters' Drop Rate %.
  • Meso Rate % - Increases your characters' Meso Rate %.
  • Star Force Discount - Reduces the amount of mesos needed for star force enhancements from 15 stars onwards.

Some Sneak Peeks👀

Paragon Currency

A new currency will be obtainable by players through participation in various activities relevant to the Paragon system in the patches to come. As of this patch, there is no way of obtaining said currency.

Paragon Shop

Players will be able to spend their Paragon Currency in the Paragon Shop. Highly desirable goodies will be available for players who manage to lay their hands on said currency.

25 Stars

Players will be able to further enhance their equipments up to 25 stars after one of the following patches (No, it's not coming this patch). There will also be items obtainable to protect your equipment from degradation / destruction from 16-25 stars available from... (Hah, you'll find out soon enough).


That concludes the list of changes introduced with this Paragon update. Once again, keep your eyes wide for the introduction of new Paragon Content, and much more in the Paragon updates to follow.

- Elluel Network Staff Team
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