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Jul 17, 2018
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IGN: Elyx
Discord: Elyx#4031
Forum: @Elyx

: Nova
Discord: Nova#1305
Forum: @Nova

: Sphyro
Discord: Spyro#7972
Forum: @Spyro

IGN: Bread
Discord: Bread#6789
Forum: @Bread

IGN: -
Discord: Excel#3014
Forum: -

: -
Discord: Toast#5613
Forum: -


Staff Applications

Applicant Requirements
  • Individual
    • Fluent in English literacy
    • Has an active presence on both Discord and in-game
    • Possesses a good attitude and is able to maintain neutrality in all scenarios
    • Possesses good communication skills with others
    • Possesses the ability to execute tasks adequately in a team setting
    • Understands the importance of the Chain of Command and the hierarchy in an organization
  • Server / Game
    • Has played the game for a minimum of 2 months and has at least one character at Lv200 and above
    • Has a full understanding and knowledge of the rules written in the Terms of Service and has no qualms in enforcing them
    • Has a decent understanding of the game and its features (including its endgame)
    • Has a decent understanding of the game & support guides available on the forums and where to locate them
    • Has a Discord chat history showing the knowledge and understanding of the game and the assistance of players
  • Bonus (Optional)
    • Possesses leadership skills
    • Have previously been assigned a Staff position in other games or servers with minimal demerits
    • Any other skills that may be useful to the team or the server (e.g. artist)
      • (NOTE: We are not looking for developers or coders and will not be accepting individuals who are hoping to acquire developer skills via our server)

Application Requirements
  • Applications are to be posted in the 'Staff Applications' section ONLY
    • This section is private, and only the Original Poster will be able to view their own thread
  • Applications must contain the Application Format given below
  • Applicants are not allowed to contact any member of the Staff regarding their application
  • Applications are to be legible and professional
  • You may wish to include creations you have previously worked on that may be relevant to your application

Application Overview
  • All Staff positions are voluntary and do not include any form of compensation
  • You will, however, be able to acquire communication and planning skills during your tenure and hone them at your own pace
  • All newly appointed Staff will commence as a Moderator that will be tasked to moderate the Discord server
  • Based on assessment and capability, Moderator(s) will be provided the option of the promotion to a Community Marshal and subsequently a Game Master
  • Moderator(s) and Community Marshal(s) will be put under probation and will be constantly reviewed based on their performance and activity
  • Any Staff that is flagged as unsuitable for promotion may indefinitely remain at their current position until approved for promotion
  • The promotion system is as follows: Moderator -> Community Marshal -> Game Master.

Application Format
Character Name:
Discord Name (including 4-digit number):
Do you have Skype? (Yes/No):
Time Zone:
Any real-life commitments?:

When did you join AriesMS?:
What is one aspect of the game that you enjoy the most?:
What is one aspect of the game that you think could be improved?:

Have you played any of the official MapleStory server(s)? If yes, which ones and for how long?:

Have you been assigned with a Staff position on any other game(s)?:
List the game(s):
How long have you worked in each game?:
What were your main duties?:
Do you still hold a position there? If not, why?:

How many hours are you able to commit per week on average?:

Do you think that your abilities flourish better whilst working independently or in a group?:
What type of role(s) do you usually adopt in a group-related activity? (e.g. leader, follower, listener):
How would you rate your ability to complete tasks under pressure? (1-10):

Are there any other skills or qualities that you can bring to the team that you wish to mention? If yes, what are they?:
Do you have a portfolio to showcase the mentioned skills?:

What are the main reason(s) for your application?:
What other aspects of yourself would you like the Staff to know to understand you better?:
Are there any other notable details the Staff should know about?:



Frequently Asked Questions
What is the purpose of these changes?
We added the Moderator role as the starting role for Staff Applications for easier progression and picking up of skills as a Staff and will be more beginner-friendly to newer individuals who have yet to experience the responsibilities of a member of Staff. This will allow individuals to be able to first grasp the responsibilities required of a single platform before being given more aspects to moderate. This is also known as "progressive training".

What are the job scopes of each role available?
Moderator: Moderation of Discord server
Community Marshal: Moderation of Discord server and Game (with limited permissions)
Game Master: Moderation of Discord server, Forum, and Game, Events Planning

Is it compulsory to accept a promotion from Moderator to Community Marshal?
Applicants, if approved, are allowed to remain as a Moderator if they wish. It is optional for a Moderator to promote depending on their eligibility provided by the Staff team.

Is it still possible to apply for the Community Marshal role directly?
No. All applicants, if approved, will start off as a Moderator.

Are the Staff allowed to play their player account(s)?
Yes. The Staff is allowed to play in their player account(s), however, all Staff responsibilities will take priority (excluding real-life commitments) over commitments for their player account(s).

  • 2016
    • Added Staff Applications for the Intern role
  • 2017
    • Modified the Intern role name to Community Marshal
    • Added a 3-month commitment term for Community Marshals
  • May 2020
    • Removed 3-month commitment term for Community Marshals
    • Added Moderator role as the initial role upon approval of Staff Application
    • Adjusted some questions in the Application Format
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