Nebulite Removal & TOS Revisions

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Jul 17, 2018
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Dear players,

This post will detail our stance towards the issues incurred by the removal of Nebulites and several revisions to the Terms of Service.

Nebulite Removal
As of the v215.2 Game Update, Nebulites were removed entirely from the game and no longer existed as an item nor a bonus to player equipment. This decision was made by Global MapleStory and affected Aries as well. Inevitably, most of the stat losses cannot be compensated adequately, but we have added several reimbursements for players who possessed Type-A Nebulites; that either existed in the inventory or were already socketed on an item.

These players will receive Powerful Rebirth Flames for the reimbursement of Type-A Nebulites at a ratio of 3:1 regardless of the bonuses of each Nebulite. This means that for every ONE (1) Type-A Nebulite (from inventory or socketed), THREE (3) Powerful Rebirth Flames will be credited to the character that possesses the Nebulite. If there are multiple characters in a single account with possession of Type-A Nebulites, or to simply put, Type-A Nebulite(s) spread across multiple characters in the account, Powerful Rebirth Flames will only be claimable through the specific character.

Affected players can claim their Powerful Rebirth Flames via the Gift Drop UI upon the completion of the server maintenance, and upon claiming, these flames will expire within 30 days from the time that the item is claimed from the Gift Drop.

Aside from this, Armor Flames will be added to our list of upcoming additions for the game. We would like to remind players that this will require extensive testing before the release of this system. To set some expectations, this system will not arrive anytime soon and it is unlikely that it will be released within the year. The acquisition of these flames will also be detailed in the upcoming changes for the acquisition of flames in general.

Terms of Service Revisions
  • General Rules
    • Harassment
      • Added the following clause:
        • "Actions pertaining to 'doxing' or the publication of private and personal information of any player of the community will not be tolerated. Any acts of doxing will result in a permanent suspension from all our services."
    • Impersonation
      • Added the following clause:
        • "In-game names with the rearrangement of alphabetical and numerical characters and/or the substitution of characters to retain a similar representation of a Staff member's name will also be classified as Impersonation (e.g. 3lyx, Novha, Psyro)."
  • In-Game Rules
    • Added the following description:
      • "The application of the terms 'client' and 'merchant' will be applied in Rule 2.4, 2.5 & 2.6; where 'client' will be used to refer to the buyer and 'merchant' will be used to refer to the seller. The application of the terms 'bid' and 'auction' will be applied in Rule 2.4 & 2.6; where 'bid' will be used to refer to an offer from a client and 'auction' will be used to refer to a bidding process initiated by a merchant."
    • Scamming
      • Revised the description of this rule and corrected grammatical errors:
        • "Scamming is a large topic and is handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Staff. Scamming is the intention and/or the act of deceiving the other party with the perception of completing a transaction under false pretense to profit from the targeted victim(s). This rule binds to both parties (inclusive of the client and the merchant) upon the establishment of an Agreement of Transaction, where transactions that do not classify under the Agreement of Transaction are bound to clients only. Instances of Agreement of Transaction is inclusive of (and is limited to): (1) the request of item reservations, (2) the act of auto-winning an item from an auction, (3) the conclusion of an auction, (4) leveling services with the exchange of in-game items and/or currencies, (5) anvil services with the exchange of in-game items and/or currencies, (6) equipment services (from the utilization of Monster Park, Oda, Absolab, Stigma, Phantasma & Arachno Coins), (7) item scrolling and enhancement services, (8) transactions involving items purchased with Vote Points, and (9) transactions involving media purchased via Art Workshops."
          • (NOTE: For clarification, this means that any transactions that are listed as an example of an Agreement of Transaction in the Terms of Service apply to both clients and merchants. For transactions that are not in the examples listed, they will only apply to clients. This revision was made to prevent clients from misusing this rule.)
    • False Bidding
      • Revised the conditions for withdrawal of bids and the differentiation of auctions with and without dates of sale:
        • "Any withdrawal of bids must be notified to the seller where bids are only allowed to be withdrawn on the condition that the auction is still ongoing. Withdrawal of bids from an auction with an indicated date of sale is only allowed if any ONE of the following conditions are met: (1) where there are other competing bids against your own, (2) there was a revision to (and an increment from) the initial auto-win (a/w) price, (3) the date of sale in which was indicated has passed the grace period of 7 days, and (4) there was a revision to the date of sale that dates further than the initial date. Any bids made towards an auction without a date of sale can be withdrawn only if the auction is ongoing and need not meet any other conditions."
          • (NOTE: For clarification, this means that any bids made towards an auction with a date of sale can only be withdrawn from an ongoing auction and must meet 1 of the 3 mentioned conditions. Any bids made towards an auction without a date of sale can be withdrawn as long as it is an ongoing auction and do not need to meet any of the 3 conditions. This revision was made to remove the possibility of merchants holding a client's bid hostage if there was no date of sale indicated for their auction. This revision also encourages merchants to indicate a date of sale should they wish to protect themselves from any 'ghost' bids.)

As always, we would like to place emphasis that our rules are not a form of user oppression, but a standard to create a fun, friendly, and fair environment for all users of any or all of our services.

Revisions to the Terms of Service will take effect as of August 20, 2020.

– Elluel Network Staff Team
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