COMPLETED Merry Ariesmas 2018!

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Jul 17, 2018
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Dear players, during this Season of Giving we'd like to present to you the one that got away..

Dec 24, 2018 - Jan 8, 2019 (GMT +8)
(Event Shop will be available till Jan 11, 2018)


Look for Branch Snowman in somewhere chilly, speak to him to get to the Event Map,
then speak to Rebel to begin completing quests!
You will not get any Event Coins until the end of the entire questline,
so be sure to have available inventory slots!

As always, each NPC during the quest will provide crucial information to proceed,
thus we strongly advise players to read thoroughly and not skip through.

Throughout the quest process, the in-game command '@drops' might come in handy!
Simply type '@drops <item name>' to identify which monsters drop the item that you need.

At any point in time should you wish to leave the Event Map,
you may speak to Branch Snowman at the bottom and he will return you to Henesys.

Completing the Prequest will unlock daily quests.


Once you're done with the questline, you may begin with Daily Quests!

Speak to Rebel to get them started, where there will be a total of 3 quests per reset.
These quests will rotate every daily reset, with a different set of challenges to complete.
This time, there will be ONE fixed quest and TWO rotating quests.

NOTE: Daily reset occurs every day at 00:00HRS (GMT 8+)


This season, Snowdrop Coin will take the spotlight in terms of getting you your goodies!
They can be acquired from the Prequest, Daily Quests and our Ariesmas Guild Reunion Event.

The Event Shop has been topped with icing, chocolate and a cherry on top!
Snowdrop Giant Box at 200 coins will grant you a chance in acquiring NX items, Mounts, Chairs & Damage Skins.
Snowdrop Spirit Box at 150 coins will grant you a chance at CUTE PETS! (YES, PETS ONLY)
Character Slot Coupon purchases are limited at THREE per account.

This year, we gathered the team to create something that will bring people together.
The Ariesmas Guild Reunion Event aims to gather Guilds (and pit them against each other).
On a serious note, gather your Guild, make the merriest Christmas Guild picture ever, and stand to win COOL rewards!
There are separate rules for that, so read carefully before submitting!
You may find the official event thread HERE.

We definitely didn't forget it's the Season of Giving!
Each player (and account) is entitled to ONE chance of rewards at our Christmas Tree per reset.
If you get lucky, you may get bonus items!

Some of the NPCs may bring you somewhere fun, or give you something nice,
it's always good to check around!



We've sprinkled some 2x Events as the finishing touch for this event.

You may refer to the schedule below:

Dec 24
2x EXP & DROP (End of Maintenance - 23:59HRS)

Dec 25
2x EXP & DROP (00:00HRS - 23:59HRS)
2x VP (00:00HRS - 23:59HRS)

Dec 26
2x EXP (07:00HRS - 18:59HRS)
2x VP (00:00HRS - 23:59HRS)

Dec 27
2x DROP (07:00HRS - 18:59HRS)
2x VP (00:00HRS - 23:59HRS)

Dec 28
2x RP & Miracle Time (07:00HRS - 18:59HRS)
2x VP (00:00HRS - 23:59HRS)

Dec 29
2x EXP (07:00HRS - 18:59HRS)
2x VP (00:00HRS - 23:59HRS)

Dec 30
2x DROP (07:00HRS - 18:59HRS)
2x VP (00:00HRS - 23:59HRS)

Dec 31
2x EXP & DROP (00:00HRS - 23:59HRS)
2x VP (00:00HRS - 23:59HRS)

Jan 1
2x EXP & DROP (00:00HRS - 23:59HRS)
2x VP (00:00HRS - 23:59HRS)

Jan 2
2x RP & Miracle Time (07:00HRS - 18:59HRS)

For players living in other fancy places,
you may use World Time Buddy to convert them to your timezone!



We've mentioned that players will only be able to purchase a maximum of THREE Character Slot Coupons,
however, in the event that a glitch occurs and players are able to purchase more than three,
we strongly advise NOT to do so as (even if you may be able to purchase more)
you can only consume up to a maximum of THREE coupons.

Players are strongly advised to achieve 21 Character Slots via the Cash Shop
before purchasing Character Slot Coupons from the event.

Players may only expand up to a maximum of 30 slots from
ALL sources (excluding Paragon Shop).

We will not be responsible for any wrong purchases made, or loss of items.
Players are advised to refer to the Compensation rule.

We would also like to remind all players of the Exploiting rule in our Terms of Service,
should you identify any loophole and/or glitch for the event,
we'd appreciate if players could alert the Staff at the earliest time possible.
If there any issues with the event, please let us know.

From all of the Staff,
Thank you for 2018,
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

- Elluel Network Staff Team

(Planning Team: Spyro, Baka, Rebel, Ankle)
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