Leveling from 1 to 200 for the Unfunded Players


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Jul 21, 2018
This is my personal leveling guide for those who are:
1. Unfunded
2. Not wanting to learn how to boss (Zakum has a few OHKO moves)
3. Hates crowded maps and people (e.g. Elite Red Golems are extremely crowded, Roids are usually crowded)
4. Prefers to level / train alone rather than in a party.

Levels 1 to 10:
You’re automatically leveled to level 10 once you complete the tutorial or skip the cutscenes for your job.

Levels 10 to 30:
Green Mushrooms / Horny Mushrooms at Henesys.

Use the Quick Move button at the left side of the screen, right below the mini map. Select the taxi at the bottom left of the pop-up window and then select Henesys. Once at Henesys take the portal to the right of the town to reach Green Mushrooms.

You can move to the next map once you feel that your exp gain is slowing down in the current map.

I suggest switching to a channel with a rune to harvest for 2X EXP. Remember to bind the “Interact / Harvest” to one of your keyboard keys so that you are able to harvest runes.

Levels 30 to 55 or 60:
Stirges / Jr. Wraiths / Wraiths at Kerning City Subway.

Take the taxi using the Quick Move button to Kerning City. Go to the left of the town and take the portal with the blue building which says “subway station”. Then take the portal at the subway station gate and select “Kerning City Subway”.

You can move to the next map once you feel that your exp gain is slowing down. I personally love the map “Line 1 Area 2” (the map with lots of Stirges, Jr.Wraiths and Wraiths) due to its high spawn rate and massive amount of mobs.

This is my alternative leveling route to Elite Red Golems (ERG), I hate ERG as there are usually tons of people there KSing each other.

Levels 55/60 to 75:
Copper Drakes at Sleepywood.

Take the taxi to Sleepywood and take the portal on the right. Copper Drakes are kind of crowded at certain times however I couldn’t find a better place to train.

For levels 55 to 60 if the first map is taken then you can train on the second map. Exp gain is kind of the same in my opinion at the earlier levels between these 2 maps.

At levels 60 to 75 ideally you should train at the first map. The second map is still good exp though if the first map is all occupied across the 10 normal channels (channels 1 to 10).

Levels 75 to 100:
Mithril Mutae / Roids at Magatia

Take the taxi to Magatia. (Click the taxi icon and click “next” twice. Magatia icon is at the bottom left.)

Go to the right of the map and you will see a huge building. Take the portal (Portal right beside Omega Sector Agent). Then take the right portal and you will reach a map with 3 portals.

Take the portal on the left (Mithril Mutae) if your job has skills that can hit multiple platforms. This map is usually empty so its good for loners.

Take the portal in the middle (Roids) if your job has long-range line skills. This map is sort of crowded so I prefer Mithril Mutae personally.

Levels 100 to 115 or 120:
Alien Base Corridor

Click on Quick Move and then click on the ship icon on the top right of the pop-up. Select the second option (Alien Base Corridor 1).

You will reach Alien Base Corridor 1. Take the portals to the right to reach Corridors 2 to 6. I personally prefer Corridors 4,5 and 6 due to the platform structure of the map but 1 to 3 are fine as well.

Levels 115/120 to 150:
Lion King’s Castle

Click on Quick Move and take the ship icon on the top right.
Click on the fourth option (Desolate Moor). Take 2 portals to the right and train at Crocs.

If crocs are too crowded then you can move on to the next map on the right however you are required to do Jenn’s quests before you’re being allowed to move to the next mob map. Jenn is located on the next map just right of the crocs.

Levels 150 to 200:
Evolution System / Dimension Invade PQ

Evolution System is the place where you will want to stack as many EXP multipliers as possible as it gives insane EXP. You can spend VP for 2x EXP coupons and stack EXP buffs from gifts you received for leveling / purchased with old maple coins at the Free Market NPC.

Evolution System prequest:
Take the taxi to Edelstein (the icon just right of Magatia). Go to the top left of the map and take the hidden portal between NPCs Belle and Ferdi. Talk to Claudine to start the Evo Lab quest.

You will be teleported to Evo Lab and then back to Resistance HQ. Claudine will ask you to go to Evo Lab. Use Quick Move > Dimensional Mirror (third icon on the top row) and select “Evolving System”. Keep talking to the NPCs there till Claudine asks you to return to Resistance HQ. Then go back to Evo Lab again via the Dimensional Mirror. Talk to “Vendor C-2” and buy the following cores under the “Core tab” (you will need around 500K mesos).
3x Monster Level Core +7 (red core)
3x Monster Population 30% (red core)
3x Party EXP +5% (light green core)

Talk to the ghost NPC (ESS) to initiate Evolution System using the 3 cores you just bought. Once inside the Evo System take Link 3 on the bottom right of the map. Train at the weird looking mushrooms till your 15 mins is up. You can do up to 3 runs per day.

If you had used 2x EXP coupons stacked with 30% / 50% EXP buffs and completed all 3 runs (45 mins) you should be able to level from 150 to 198-ish or maybe even 200, depending on your mob clear speed.
Otherwise you can come back the next day for more Evo Lab runs.

If you’re at 19x then you can go to Dimension Invade PQ to finish up.

Dimension Invade PQ (DIPQ):
Use Quick Move > Dimensional Mirror (third icon on the top row) and select “Dimension Invade” (blue icon right of Evo System icon). Though it says Dimension Invade Party Quest, don’t worry you can solo the first 2 stages of the PQ.

The first stage of DIPQ just requires you to clear mobs at the center of the map.
The second stage of DIPQ just requires you to kill a relative easy boss.
Once you’re done with both stages take the portal to the left to end the PQ and start your second DIPQ run. You can do up to 5 runs per day.

Assuming you did stack EXP multipliers at Evo Lab with no major breaks, you should be able to level 1-200 within 12 hours.

Thanks for reading my personal leveling guide!


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Aug 8, 2018
East Coast, US
Really appreciate this fam. I was trying to level up classes for my linked skills and it was hell trying to get to something like fire golems since everyone was solo hogging the map on each channel. I used to get to level 35 then went to fight the elite stumps in North Perion (I think that's it? The portal at the top of perion.)


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Sep 11, 2018
She doesn't offer a quest - I think it's because I skipped tutorial?
Click on the lightbulb on the left-side of your screen and look for the prequest "Evo-Lab" or "Evolution Lab", should be something along the lines of that.


Jul 5, 2019
Old guide, but for anyone who is lucky enough to click on the thread AND also read this comment, I really feel like it should be advised anyways despite what is said at the top that you do both your Zakum runs somewhere from level 90-100. Not learning bossing mechanics for one of the most common bosses you'll encounter is a poor excuse at best. It's easy progress and will help to climb you towards the slow gap from 100-120. As much as I love Aliens, Zakum will outpace it EASILY regardless of the experience buffs you have stacked.

Once that's done, set up your pinnacle gear you should receive as a reward such that you can either: resume training at Aliens, or train at Moon Bunnies in Korean Folk Town (KFT) until 125. From then on, you should be able to do the sign quests at KFT which should be enough to progress you the fastest to 140.

Just a faster shortcut if you're an unfunded loner like OP said in his title.