COMPLETED Halloween Event 2018

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Jul 17, 2018
Dragon's Cave
Dear players, we are pleased to present to you the long-awaited..

Better late than never right? Let's get down to the itty-bitty details!

Event Duration
Nov 2nd - Nov 23rd, 2018 (GMT +8)
(Event Shop will be available till Nov 25th)



Look for Eyeful NPC in Phantom Forest: Bent Tree to travel between realms to the Event Map.
Speak to Masked Gentleman NPC where you can begin your spooky journey!
Each NPC during the prequest will provide crucial information to proceed,
thus it is strongly advised to read thoroughly and not skip through.
Complete the assigned tasks by each NPC and you will be rewarded with coins for the event
where you can purchase a variety of rewards and/or a chance at trying your luck for better ones.

The in-game command, '@drops', will come in handy. Type '@drops <item name>' to identify which monsters drop the required item.
At any point in time should you wish to leave the Event Map, you may use the '@towns' command.
Completing the prequest will unlock daily quests.


Daily Quests

Speak to Masked Gentleman NPC and select the Daily Quest option to start working on the Daily Quests!

There will be a maximum of 2 quests at each time, with a chug of spiders in each one!
These quests will rotate every daily reset, with a different set of challenges to complete.

NOTE: Daily reset occurs every day at 00:00HRS (GMT 8+)



Masked Gentleman Coins will be the main source of currency for this event!
They can be acquired from the prequest, daily quests, and universal box drops.

The Event Shop is filled with fingernails, blood, and some cool items!
Halloween Surprise Box at 150 coins will grant you a chance in acquiring Mounts, Chairs & Damage Skins.
Plump Pumpkin Box at 200 coins will grant you a chance in acquiring Equipment (including NX Items) & Pets.

Schrodinger's Box is the exclusive universal drop and is unaffected by any drop rate multiplier.
You may only open up to 50 Schrodinger's Boxes per reset.
What's in it? Well, go find out!

Acquire the Ghost Kid Emblem through Witchy Woman NPC, and customize it to your liking.
Spawn your own Gampser by double-clicking it in the Setup tab!
This is a visual addition and does not give any form of bonuses or stats.

NOTE: None of these boxes are tradeable, this is not inclusive of the items you get from it.


Final Notes
We apologize for the delay of this event, as Paragon Phase 3 is underway, but hope you'll enjoy!
Also, when making the delivery, do not speak to anything else other than a shadow or risk repeating the process.
If your inventory is full, items you should be getting will go into the Gift Box UI (on the left of your screen).

Do note that there are NO 2x events scheduled for Halloween 2018.

You may only purchase and/or consume up to a maximum of 3 Character Slots per account.
There is also a possibility of a glitch where you can purchase more than 3 Character Slots,
but you will NOT be able to use them. Players may only expand up to a maximum of 30 slots from
all sources including the event and excluding Paragon Shop.

We will not be responsible for any wrong purchases made, or loss of items.
Players are advised to refer to the Compensation rule.

We would also like to remind all players of the Exploiting rule in our Terms of Service,
should you identify any loophole and/or glitch for the event,
we'd appreciate if players could alert the Staff at the earliest time possible.
If there any issues with the event, please let us know.

Happy Halloween!

- Elluel Network Staff Team

(Planning Team: Spyro, Meiana)
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