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Nov 17, 2018
Mirage Cliff
As 275 has arrived and EXP modifiers are here to stay (below Paragon lvl. 50 at least), you should try to have as much EXP% as possible.
This guide may be old news to experienced (no pun intended) players; but mostly it serves as an EXP checklist and a pointer for the uninitiated.
Take this with you whenever you level by yourself or leech EXP.
Here is most of, if not all, the EXP% you can stack.
Link Skills
Elven Blessing: 20% Bonus EXP at lvl.3
Rune Persistence: 70% Rune Duration at lvl.3
Combo Blessing: 900% Combo Orb EXP at lvl.3

Use-tab items
2x EXP Coupon - purchased with 5 VP
Doesn't stack with the inferior but more commonplace x1.5 (Fast Learner)
Monster Park Extreme Gold Potion

Occasionally drops from Monster Park Extreme Map (the portal all the way at the end of the Monster Park lobby)
Can't be traded but transferable within account. Put it in storage for your desired character.

Cash-tab items
MVP rewards
Pop them for an aura buff of 50% EXP for 30min, you can mooch off of others as well.
Good ol' 2x EXP Sapphire Coupon - bought with VP

Party Buffs
Make sure the Party Buffs don't come from a character within 5 levels of the mobs you are killing as they will unintentionally leech your EXP.
Classic Holy Symbol - Buffed by either a Bishop or a Phantom.

*You can use Decent Holy Symbol from 5th job node but it's way weaker.
Lesser known Pink Bean EXP Buff -
Buffed by a Pink Bean character. Stacks with everything.

Zero Legion Effect - 10% EXP from putting a lvl 200 Zero into Legion grid.
Bonus EXP Legion Grids - needs 6000 total Legion to unlock fully for 10% EXP (you can still get 7% ~ 8% at lower legion).
Fill out this grid when training.

Hyper Stats
Dump extra points you get into EXP. Note that it requires a lot of points to max out.

Zero's Pendant
Make a fresh Zero character, go to their giftbox and claim this pendant.
Use 10m meso from storage + Platinum Scissor to trade it into the storage.
Wear it on the desired character you want to leech/train.
Its EXP buff will go up in increments of 10% for each hour worn, up to 30%.

Note: This will take up one pendant slot and lower your range.
*The pendant expires in 7 days after which you can repeat above steps on a new Zero.

Class-specific Buff (Pirates)
All Pirate Classes have access to this skill either through innate 3rd job or 5th job Loaded Dice.
Everytime you roll number 6 you get 30% EXP.
Use Loaded Dice
to roll a 6 100% of the time.
Having extra 30% EXP all the time is solid.


Class-specific Attacks (Negligible)
Showdown (Night Lord 4th job)
- 10% EXP from killing mobs marked with this.
Demon Cry (Demon Slayer 4th job)
- 20% EXP from killing mobs marked with this.
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Jul 5, 2019
Alongside the addition of hyper stats like mentioned in the above post, I would also like to argue that with the new Kanna class changes, Monkey Spirit is no longer a skill provided in her toolset.

Just a minor issue. I really like the guide Rend, still useful today for newer players like me coming into Aries even though it was posted over six months ago.
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