Downtime Acknowledgement 05/10/18

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Mr. X

Jul 17, 2018
Dear players,

At approximately 8PM GMT +8 on the 5th October 2018, the server was taken down for maintenance for a total of 6 hours. As a result of an oversight, several bugs related to star force were introduced when the server was brought online. One of the bugs involved players losing more stats than intended whenever an equipment lost a star. This affected dozens of players within a span of approximately 30 minutes worth of up time. A decision was then made to perform a rollback on the server which resulted in additional downtime for the server due to unforeseen technical difficulties.

Therefore, we've decided to provide players with the following compensation :

  • On top of the extension of all time-sensitive items for 32 hours (that's how long the game was unavailable for), all time-sensitive items will also receive an additional 24 hours extension.
  • 2x Exp and Drop rate will be turned on server-wide for 48 continuous hours.


We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused, and also thank our players for their patience and continual support.

- Elluel Network Staff Team
Not open for further replies.