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Jul 17, 2018
Dragon's Cave
Dear players,

Before we go deep, we would like to extend a warm welcome to the new players who have joined the community and the returning players who have decided to revisit since the pandemic. We hope that everyone is staying safe and is doing their part by staying home.

To those under essential services, we
thank you for your time.


That said, we would like to remind players of the rules written in the Terms of Service, that are not meant as a form of user oppression, but to maintain a fun, friendly and fair environment for our players. Whether you're new to the game or if you're returning as a former player, we hope to help understand that certain intentions or actions in-game may cause disruption to other players, and the rule changes that were made throughout the years of the game.

We have come to notice that many players were engaging in acts of Harassment (especially towards those who have been adjusting their prices in accommodation of the current supply and demand for certain items and currencies). We would like to remind players that any acts of harassment including slandering other players be it via private messaging or via global messages (such as megaphone) will not be tolerated and we will not hesitate to add restrictions to your gameplay if necessary. This includes any name-calling or unnecessary aggression towards other players, if unsure, refer to the Disrespect rule. If you want to converse with other players, please do it via your respective chats and not via megaphone; because doing so can result in spam and interfere with the experience for other players, and falls under Spamming.

The next most prevalent engagement we have witnessed is that some players had been participating in kill-stealing, pertaining to the Map Ownership rule. That's right, kill-stealing is not allowed here. If unsure, please use the '@map' command in-game, where the information for map ownership will be displayed to you indicating the 'Owner' which is the only player that is allowed to be attacking or using the map (on the exception if you are in a party with the map owner). Speaking of maps, selling of maps is also not allowed, please refer to the Profiting rule.

We have no clue where some players have acquired their information on what is allowed and what isn't, but as far as we're concerned, Profiting especially Real Money Trading (RMT) resides at one of the top few of our kill list. We take a serious stance towards any act of Profiting, even if you're merely cracking a joke. Just, don't do it. We're serious.

We get that quarantine is lonely, but that doesn't mean you can start advertising your social media on our platforms. We will not hear of it, so put them back in your pockets. Please do not advertise anything of personal benefit and the only exception is if you are streaming whilst playing on our server, this falls under the Advertising rule. This includes the mentioning of other private servers; regardless if they are active or not. If you need company, you can always join a guild or play Animal Crossing.

Last but not least, the more the merrier, which means more international friends! However, we want to remind everyone that this is a global server, and we ask that you write in the English language only for public chatrooms and via global messages (including megaphone). Please refer to the Language rule regarding this. If you want to get high and happy in other languages, please do so in your own private chats.

For the returning players, here's a TL;DR of notable rule changes:

  • Game Rules
    • Harassment: Mass defame is now a thing, so be warned if your emotions take the wheel.
    • Botting: We have increased the stakes for Botting and is now 7 days for the first offence. If you already have a strike prior to this, your subsequent one will be permanent.
    • Scamming: Agreement of Transaction is also now a thing, this happens when you agree to a deal or to buy and sell certain items or currencies.
    • False Bidding: There are conditions to meet for the withdrawal of bids now, so think twice before placing a bid.
    • WZ Editing: Those huge-looking cubes are a thing of the past, we no longer allow any edited WZ files.
    • Map Ownership: Were you surprised when we said '@map'? We finally have a command to determine map ownership, wew!

  • Discord Rules: That's right, a new section, clearer rules. Don't go tagging a Staff unnecessarily now.
    • Verification: The #freemarket channel is now renamed to #market and is now locked behind a role that is acquired via manual verification by the Staff of the association between your Discord account and your game account.

We know long chunks of texts are boring so we'll end it soon, we promise.

When posting on the forums, PLEASE FOLLOW THE FORMAT!

Formats are always located at the top of the section and are a necessity to provide the relevant information for the respective section including bug reports. Any post without the required format will be deleted with immediate effect. Like whoosh! When uploading images to the forums, please use a third-party image hosting website such as or Imgur; when uploading multiple images, please use an album.


Knowledge is power, therefore if you new and are unsure of how to go about certain aspects of the game, we have guides! If you have a question, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Have fun!

- Elluel Network Staff Team
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