[AriesMS] Introducing Community Marshals!

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Jul 12, 2018

Community Marshals are a new take on the 'Intern' role in AriesMS. Interns will now be called 'Community Marshals' and will have different rules and regulations. There are several reasons for this change, one of them is being able to possibly hire more staff members to help players, but also to encourage those who want to help out, but may be restricted to certain time periods of free time due to work, school, etc.

So what's new with Community Marshals? Well, here are a couple of examples:
  • Community Marshals will be replacing Interns.
  • You can become a CM through application and/or Staff recommendation.
  • CMs will have a [CM] tag in front of their in-game name when they send something in the chat. All CMs will also be required to wear the Jr. Gm Hat. They will also have designated roles on Discord and the Forums.
  • CMs will be hired for a term of three months, and after their term is over, they will either be terminated from the role or promoted to a full-pledged GM if performance was exemplary and if the CM so desires.
  • CMs will be hired in batches; thus, if your application is pending and you were not hired, there is still a chance that you may possibly be hired unless the application was denied.
  • It is possible for a CM to be demoted during their term. A CM can also choose to retire during any moment in their term if they so desire.
  • It is possible to rejoin the CM community after your term ends if you were not promoted to GM. This will call for a reapplication or recommendation from a Staff Member.
  • As of December 2017, all CM applications are private. Only the original poster and staff will be able to view the CM applications.

If you would like to apply, you can find the new application format below, but before you do, please read the application rules.

As this is also an upcoming and new role, there may be several changes into how CMs are handled so you may see changes every now and then depending on what we find. We hope that those who are interested may consider applying and for those who are not interested, they support this new upcoming role.

- Elluel Network Staff Team

When you apply for a Community Marshal position, you are to make sure that you abide by the following guidelines:
  • Rules will change whenever it should be updated, it is your responsibility to read the rules before posting in the sections on the forum.
  • Management's decision is final. Do not PM the staff asking why you are denied. This goes for both the applicant AND friends/colleagues of the applicant.
  • You must use the below format in your application.
  • You must have played the server for at least 2 months and have at least one character at level 200 and above.
  • Make your application professional and legible.
  • After the submission, do not bother the Staff about it. Wait patiently for your results. Bothering staff will hinder your chances.
  • If you have anything you created or worked on, please post it along with your application.
Failure to follow the above guidelines will result in an immediate denial in the application. If you are accepted, there may be an interview with one of the Staff Members before you join the team. There also may be an interview before you are accepted. We will be keeping an eye out for the following criteria:
  • Good Attitude
  • Loyalty
  • Role model
  • Leadership
  • Activeness

Personal Details:
Character Name:
Discord Name (Include 4-digit number):
Do you have Skype? (Yes/No):
Time Zone:
Do you have any other in real life commitments?:

When did you join AriesMS?:
What do you enjoy most about AriesMS?:

Have you played any of the official Maplestory versions?:
Which one(s)?:
How long?:

Have you ever been assigned a Staff Position on any other Game(s)?:
List the game(s):
How long have you worked there?:
What were your main duties?:
Do you still hold a position there? If not, why not?:

About how many hours are you able to commit per week on the various platforms (Discord, In-Game, Forums)?:

How knowledgeable are you about the Terms of Service and how comfortable are you with enforcing it?:

How would you rate your relationship with the entire AriesMS community?:
How would you rate your communication skills with others?:

What do you think are some important qualities for a Community Marshal?:
Do you think you fit these qualities listed?:
Besides those listed previously, what other unique qualities might you bring to the AriesMS Staff Team?:

Are you more comfortable working alone or on a team?:
What type of role do you usually take in group-related activities? (Leader, follower, listener, etc.):

Why do you want to work with the AriesMS Staff Team?:
What other aspects of yourself would you like the AriesMS Staff Team to know? (Use this to talk about other things not listed above; Favorite hobbies? Favorite music genre? Pineapples on Pizza? etc.):
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