2019 in Review

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Jul 17, 2018
Dragon's Cave
Dear players,

It's that time of the year again.

Before we get right into it, we wanted to take the opportunity to appreciate the players that have stayed with us throughout, even when the times seemed bleak and when the economy seemed like a mess. This is also not forgetting the former players that have returned to the server, we're glad to see you. Alongside our veterans are players who have recently joined, and we would like to welcome you aboard the journey with us.

In 2019, we made major additions and changes to the game as a step forward in improving the structure and progression that players will experience. Some of which included the addition of Paragon Update (Phase 3), major revisions to the Terms of Service, the addition of the long-awaited '@map' command, the adjustment of Super Scroll usage, the adjustment of item nature of GM Event Rewards, the addition of recurring 2x Vote Points events as well as the adjustments to scheduled dates of these events, and the addition of the verification system for Discord. All in all, we're just glad to have been able to achieve what had in store for the year.

For 2020, we have plenty of plans for the server, some of which will be experimental features. Here's a little preview:

  • Add an alternate option (with mesos) for a chance at the Safe Cracker and revamp the loot pool
    • This was the most underused feature in the server where during the period of when the economy was severely bloated (aka inflation), we wanted to create a reasonable but fulfilling 'meso sink' that players could spend their mesos on. That said, the loot pool had to be attractive and worth spending for. Our current focus for the loot pool will be to retain unique medals and familiars in the existing pool and add medium-large chairs that are of an acceptable size (inclusive of those used in past events). More information on what players can expect from the pool will be detailed when this is released.

  • Provide better accessibility to the Arcane Catalyst
    • This item has been a concern to players and the accessibility of it, brought up by many instances be it via a formal suggestion or brought up to us informally. Judging from the current availability of the catalyst along with the elaborate time and effort required in order to acquire a single catalyst, this did not allow for the flexibility that a private server should minimally offer. We hope that in time when it is made more accessible, players will be able to experience different classes whilst retaining most of the effort spent into leveling up your Arcane Symbols. The possibility of the catalyst being included in the Legion Shop in the event the shop is released is low and needs additional assessment into the rate where players are acquiring the coins.

  • Revision to Guild Party Quest (GPQ)loot pool
    • Many have asked for the revision to the loot pool to provide a further incentive in participating in GPQ, however, we find that until there is a guild ranking system that guilds can set their sights on and maintain their rankings with, a mere revamp to the loot pool will not provide a significant incentive towards participation of this activity. That said, there is more planning to be done before releasing a revision to the loot pool along with changes to the guild ranking system. Fret not, we will take into account the effort that past guilds have spent on the current rankings before any changes are finalized.

  • Revision to Seasonal Event reward boxes for pets (from Christmas Event 2019 onwards)
    • This was self-explanatory but we wanted to get an idea of the majority of the community's stance before we made a decision to eliminate the chances of a lower quality outcome. In definition, a higher quality pet would mean that if a pet had a permanent version, that would be the only version to be added instead of including their temporary counterparts. However, in the event that the pet does not have a permanent version, the next best option will be considered -- in this case, the 90-day version.

Other plans include the addition of pets to the Cash Shop (including some permanent ones) and the possibility of certain high-demand cosmetics via an alternate option. Once we have concrete plans for our main goals, we will then proceed to work on other aspects such as endgame content and other improvements of the game.

Aside from the new daily quests for Arcane River that were added in the maintenance on Dec 10, 2019, the Erda Spectrum daily Party Quest for Vanishing Journey region will be added in the coming days/weeks. We do not have any concrete plans as of now to implement the remaining bosses such as Verus Hilla and/or Black Mage, however, if there are players that wish to assist us with Global MapleStory (GMS) account(s), you may approach us directly. We also have no plans to add the Arcane River Express Pass as of now.

That's about it for now, we hope you'll have a blast with our remaining event for the year and have a Merry Christmas!

- Elluel Network Staff Team
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