PENDING 1ilyknight Ban Appeal

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May 12, 2021
In-Game Name: 1ilyknight
Job of Character: Aran
Ban Reason: Chargeback
Reason of Appeal: I post a ban appeal last month and i got the reason of my ban is chargeback.
I contacted Spyro in discord and he said I used the same network as the person that charged back.
My network is my university wifi and then Spyro tell me to contact Elyx.
I contected to Elyx about 1 month ago but I cant get any reply until now
9/10 Spyro said that I don't need to provide anything else and he will double check with Elyx.
I wait for about 20 days but I'm too confuse that I cant get a reply until now

Screenshot of Ban Message: This account has been permanently banned
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