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    CLOSED <NinFang> Discord Ban Appeal

    Discord Name(including 4-digit number): NinFang#2943 Ban Reason: It says i got banned on discord and can't join back the server. Ban Appeal: I would like to know the cause of my ban on the discord server as I was just AFKing in game, would like some clarifications on the ban, thanks.
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    CLOSED Capen Ban Appeal

    In-Game Name: Capen Job of Character: Dual Blade Ban Reason: Using fifth job skill without becoming fifth job Reason of Appeal: I actually accepted the 5th job Advancement but it still did not give me the 5th job skills, thought it was fine went to do some prequest and after a few 5th job skill...
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    S>MidGame LUK% Eqs and Rare NX

    Discord NinFang#2943 Arc Hat- c/o 0 Rare NX: Round Glasses a/w 12 Spider Ring set a/w 4k Rainbow Top a/w 7k G Clef Ring set a/w 9k Dark Force Cape a/w 5k
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    S>some rare-ish NX (updated c/o)

    Selling the following NX: Fairy Blossom SOLD Dark Force Cape c/o 3k a/w 4k Rainbow Top s/b 5k a/w 10k Flutterby Ring set SOLD Blood Oath Weapon SOLD Will let go the items when i feel price is right do offer me in-game @ Capen or discord @ NinFang#2943
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    Buying +17 Arcane Katara pmo add me on discord @ NinFang#2943
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    Selling 27%STR Bpot Tita Heart. and few NX

    Selling a 27%STR Bpot Titanium Heart a/w 7k Oversized Oxford- 9k KDS- 6.5k Erda Flow(Cape) - 3k Oversized Floral Shirt- 1k pm me on discord @ NinFang#2943
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    Selling some Gollux Equips %STR. Do offer me on discord @ NinFang#2943. 1589086865 . 1589096754 up
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    Unable to associate another email

    Hi i have been blocked for 22 minutes for trying to change the email for my account. Please advise