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    90k hero / dk sales cheap sale s/b=a/w !

    main scroll pot starforce dslot str8 price 1H sword SS flame 8/8/11 13 att/13 att/40 boss . 13 att/10 att/30 boss 21 7 20k spear ss flame 9/-1/15 13 att/13 att/35 boss . 13 att/10 att/30 boss 21 7 15k deimos shield 3mcs 21wa 8str / full 10% shield wa ( best shield) 35 boss/35 boss/40...
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    labyrinth of suffering (search and rescue)

    IGN: Havent Job: Paladin Job Level: 275 paragon 0 Description of Bug: followed the guide from the forum , suppose to have light bulb on my head , npc trying alot of @ea but still nothing shows up in this map
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    S> sgp 33/27 str , 21* spear chest spear you can get (25k)

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    S> 5 prime 2H sword with 2dary

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    B> untag ds , bo , lotd , iron mace , or any rare nx

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    B> kishin , pb , hs srv supoer long hours (10 hours+)

    give me a good price SEWA#4317
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    a/w 410k
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    T> warrior str to shadower luk ( without af ) with 20* 5L arc glove

    pm for details
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    S> NX clearance

    SEWA#4317 low ballers will be ignored
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    L> active guild , hboss partner

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    B> RP srv 2500:100dp rate

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    S>NX clearance

    Discord : SEWA#4317
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    CLOSED Report against BrewdLS1 for Scamming

    IGN of Accuser: GEIQIANLA IGN of Accused: BrewdLS1 Offence(s) Committed: this guy pmed me asking me to sell him the nx eq for 4k that is way below market price ( my price was 6K when i smega) , so i told him to sell me for 4k i would buy the nx eq from him and he agreed to sell me as the...
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    B>midnight black coffin , peacemaker , crimson fate seal

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    Boss map bug

    IGN:Geiqianla Job:dawn warrior Job Level:275 Description bug : when I was in pink bean map alone soloing daily bosses , out of a sudden someone dropped down from the sky in the same map while we are not in the same pt . He said hello to me
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    S/T > str eq or trade to luk

    1614321375 Trade so similar luk eq
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    with or without wep SEWA#4317
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    B> dark force glove , warrior shield

    Pm offer
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    IGN: GEIQIANLA Job:DAWN WARRIOR Job Level:275 Description of Bug (Explain the bug, How is it done, what should it really be doing? etc. An unclear description will not get the bug fixed): soul eclipse suppose to have iframe while casting but when when i was in bossing i died even when i am...