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    CLOSED MonsterPark Bot

    include the ice lightning mage botter too while you are at it. He walks the same distance and disappears at the same spot every time.
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    "Godly mcs" items

    Since you goofball don't know what an actual exploited item looks like, how about the mage pants fiasco that happened to pusheen. +40 matt AND +40 att. aka Hammered 4 times while retaining super scrolled tier of Int. These pants with extremely uniform and high +plus look nothing like godly...
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    "Godly mcs" items

    Nothing out of the ordinary here, just 14 slots used and all stats went up.:)
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    "Godly mcs" items And both sold BTW, for 200k DP each. Ya'll just ignorant.
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    Read Additionally go to the FM NPC - Belle, find the option to make grand amethyst maple ring (lvl.50) with 1000 maple leaves it can also get 15% drop rate and is potential-able. Just...
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    Mesos earning

    Check out the guide sections next time before posting.
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    VJ Monster Park Guide

    /makeparty. Press up arrow in chat to recall previous texts.
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    Buying Cra mage top and bottom

    saw this shirt in an ongoing sales, a.w 20k and i dont have the dp to buy it
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    Arcane glove stats bugged after equipment trace transfer.

    you just happened to roll a +0 luk that's why you are missing 2 stats, since normal non-aees starforce always gives +2 allstat on star 1* to 5*. Conversely, you got +3 dex which is higher than the normal sf stats (+2), resulting in your permanent +1 extra dex. This is entirely up to chance, if...
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    Arcane glove stats bugged after equipment trace transfer.

    With aees you could get + 0~ 4 luk / jump / speed / dex / int / str if you get +2 luk then it breaks even If you get +4 or +3 luk then you won extra stats compared to normal SF ( which is +2) and and if you get +0 or +1 luk it's a net loss, and permanent one too. The only way to get the stats...
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    Arcane glove stats bugged after equipment trace transfer.

    why would you use aees instead of clicking enhance normally o.0
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    Grit and relentless attack special nodes

    they are intentionally not implemented, so not a bug
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    S>67%int SGR 33/30/4

    really amazing bpot but the mchaos is only 1slot +8 matt / -9 int
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    Hayato bugged?

    Crit buff doesnt appear in Stats but it is in effect
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    mp less than 40 seconds

    And what would your timing be?
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    Botters at mp? Untraceable and they can't be banned until caught in broad daylight
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    Farming Dagger 10% for 8b+ per hour

    Yea it's definitely not 1b. He overexaggerated it. But soul shooters 10% are gonna rise with PF hype so that's still good. You get 16 shooter scrolls/h + 20 Chaos scroll + 700 time coin + 150K NX. Now that is legit 10b.
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    Farming Dagger 10% for 8b+ per hour

    Who would want to buy dagger 10% for 1b and why only 8b/h? If dagger is truly 1b ea scroll then wouldnt you get at least 13 scrolls per hour => 13b? If anything is remotely close to this it would be Soul shooter 10% farming at mulung pandas which is legitimately 700m ea.
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    Clean Slate Scroll Bug

    you used the css with boom % chance. What business do you have clean slating a full slot item anyways. Did you forget it's already maxed out in slots?
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    star force box 21-25 not working?

    Yo yourself said title is box 21 - 25, but then use on 20* item and ask why it doesnt work? Just use 16-20 box ok?