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    Mid luk gears and Adele Main and Secondary

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    Mid luk gears and Adele Main and Secondary

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    Mid luk gears and Adele Main and Secondary

    Selling some gears and prices are listed inside. [Adele Main and Secondary] [Luk Gear] Pm me on discord danxerd#5668
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    CLOSED <Destroyer> Ban Appeal

    In-Game Name: Destroyer Job of Character: Adele Ban Reason: Autoban Reason of Appeal: Was training at EShark from 267- 270 for a couple of hours when i receive auto ban from system. Screenshot of Ban Message: Attached image :3 kindly refer to
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    CLOSED <liiliy> Ban Appeal

    try restart your router? I heard there was a similar issue with some other accounts as well. Hope it helps.
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    Buying naruto Wig

    As per title :3 finding naruto wig .. pm me price thanks ya ^^
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    Early till mid int gears only has hat and shoulder..

    pm me discord thanks. danxerd#5668 items listed below by pressing the link.
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    Leech done 188-200 and run out pless ban him!!

    Wrong place to post. Kindly post on report player section, please follow the format given. Thanks , maybe need to adjust your wording a bit as it’s not easy to understanding.
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    Buying CPQ wins

    Hi all, Looking for a partner for cpq or CPQ win everyday unless i am busy.... kindly pm me the price per round.. Thanks danxerd#5668
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    B> tyrant hyades cape/shoes/belt

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    B> tyrant hyades cape/shoes/belt

    what kind of tyarnt cape u looking for??
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    17* mchaos 33/30 abso shoulder (warrior) str and Neb 4% str

    Leave offer for shoulder .. A.w 8k Neb 4% str C.o 10k by Icepiggy a.w 14k
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    Oh no!! le has left us :3. Anyway good luck , I think you gotta ask yarly who he passed his ldr to hahahaha. I saw him guildless
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    Yall need to make Bpot Cubing a little less stressful

    Amateur figures ... I spent 20k plus on 1 item still can’t get even 27% and I didn’t open posts like you all. Just accept to faith that RNG god is not with you. Stay calm and continue cubing if it is easy then it isn’t Aries anymore. Gl and stop whining
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    Some Str items and 4% neb str, IGN= Arkman

    S> str neb 4% C.o 10kdp A.w 14kdp (a.w will change with notice given) when adele out aw will go up unless sold. S> some stupid items LOL Mace c.o 14k IGN : Arkman (6k) discord : danxerd#5668
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    S>arc weap svc/cobalt (F) set/ some war eqs

    bro, bpot to 30% that shoulder.. we can talk hahaha
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    LF> Arcane Spear +17

    Any Drk is letting go their spear prefer 17*+ with flamed <3 .. Thank you.. pm me or discord me danxerd#5668
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    B> warrior gears

    Mainly looking for few items below If you have and might decide to let go in the future do let me know and we can discuss on the price? Or swap nx [Currently own Universal weapon, Grim reaper] Only buying either 1 of the items cant afford all at once sorry. arc spear 18* + shoes 15* 33/27...