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    Trading tyrant/cra DEX for STR

    All these equipments are used with Super Scrolls
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    Fixed reset time for voting

    I dunno about you guys but i'm having this issue where I would vote later and later in the evening then my reset would be like 12:56am then next time I vote I have to wait till 12:57am or vote again in the morning when i'm awake. you guys want your votes right? ;) unless your okay with some...
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    In need of equips for hayato, will join guild and give free leech svc

    I need someone to lend me some str equip in order to do VJ and MP originally I funded an AB exhausted all of my available funds scraped by in game and 100+vp but AB is undoable for me, from what originally expect to be 34s runs turned out to be 1m 10 seconds I will join a guild and i will give...