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    Hard Chu Chu

    IGN: Demonish Job: Demon Slayer Job Level: 250 Description of Bug (Explain the bug, How is it done, what should it really be doing? etc. An unclear description will not get the bug fixed): When completing hard chu chu pq in a party, only the party leader is sent out upon pq completion, all the...
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    B>27% str bpot warrior cra & tyrants

    Found cra hat and tyrant boots, others still looking for Discord: fluffaloo #1605 or ingame @ Demonish
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    Rant on current AriesMS trading situation and its affect on endgame progression

    Hi guys, I don't usually do this kind of thing (or post at all really) but over the last few months, I've noticed a pretty depressing trend in the Aries trading scene, which has slowed my progression considerable and provided endless amounts of frustration over toxic/obstinate buyer & seller...