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  1. darkzerox468

    Bishop Skill

    IGN: XArchAngelX Job:Bishop Job Level: 180 Description of Bug: 3rd job skill { Divine Protection } Mastery lv.10 Permanently increases Abnormal Status and all Elemental Resistances. When used, you use holy power to create a holy barrier that blocks critical Abnormal Status. Upon casting Dispel...
  2. darkzerox468

    Youtube videos

    So i found this youtube video it had me having the feels. post something maybe you guys liked love finding stuff like this
  3. darkzerox468

    Item: Summon Sacks

    So I was looking at some old in game pics from GMS and realized that i miss summon sacks... I know that the monster are weak but where fun for a bit... I was wondering if that is a possible item to be purchased though some means? Oh how i miss the crimson balrog on the boat to orbis or to...
  4. darkzerox468

    Hello Everyone

    Just wanted to say Hello everyone been trying a few different Pservers this is my favorite and plan to stay here.