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  1. Kat

    Arcane glove stats bugged after equipment trace transfer.

    Here is what happened to your gloves. (I'm ignoring all the Superscrolls/Dslots since they don't matter here, so I'm just assuming Arcane Gloves have 3 slots). Scrolling (Before Starforce/AEE) 20 ATT 9 LUK 4 DEX AEE the first Star 20 ATT 9 LUK (+0) 7 DEX (+3) Starforce 2* => 15* (You get...
  2. Kat

    Blaster's Advanced Charge Mastery

    IGN: Song Job: Blaster Job Level: Level 275 (Paragon 100) Description of Bug: As of the v212.3 update yesterday, Blaster's passive skill, Advanced Charge Mastery (4th Job), is no longer working properly. The skill is supposed to reduce all damage taken by 35%, including attacks that deal damage...
  3. Kat

    Best-in-Slot (BiS) Gear Setup for AriesMS

    I've updated both the Best-in-Slot table on the forums, as well as the additional informations found in the Google Docs. These include: Added Non-Superior (Level 140-149) section on the Star Force Enhancement Table so players can have an easier time checking their Reinforced and Meister Ring...
  4. Kat

    Dojo Entry Bug

    IGN: Song Job: Blaster Job Level: Level 275 (Paragon 100) Description of Bug: After the update to V212, Dojo is impossible to enter. Whenever you attempt to enter, it says "Someone is already inside.", even though nobody is inside, or has entered within the past 15 minutes (time allowed...
  5. Kat

    Pitched Boss Set (Different method of obtaining them)

    Personally, I know I would consider myself an outlier when I think these are reasonable, while the vast majority of players probably will not. So instead of scaling it to 50 clears (100 days), a more reasonable amount of clears necessary to obtain the items would be 30 for all 4 Pitched Boss...
  6. Kat

    Pitched Boss Set (Different method of obtaining them)

    I really like the idea of Paragon Level because right now, many people don't level up past Paragon 50 because it's an extremely long grind for very low gains. Past P50, EXP buffs no longer work (except 2x Server Event), and although very few people know this, when Paragon Phase 3 came out, it...
  7. Kat

    Pitched Boss Set (Different method of obtaining them)

    Personally, I've yet to find a good requirement for a 3rd unknown factor without making it fair or unfair for certain classes. Examples such as dying at most "x" amount or clearing the boss within "x" minutes all make it so certain classes with better survivability or burst damage would be...
  8. Kat

    Pitched Boss Set (Different method of obtaining them)

    I disagree with saying that this method is "P2Wing" compared to it having it as a random drop that is so absurdly rare that most players who have ran these bosses non-stop on GMS have never seen a single drop. If it were to drop like in GMS, the droprate would so low that the only people who get...
  9. Kat

    Pitched Boss Set (Different method of obtaining them)

    NOTE: I have edited this post to reflect what is possible and not possible to have in AriesMS, such as the things @Spyro has noted in his post below. Many players have suggested adding the “Pitched Boss” set into the game in the past, but simply as a boss drop (like how it currently is in GMS)...
  10. Kat

    Buddy List Bug

    IGN: Song Job: Blaster Job Level: Level 275 (Paragon 100) Description of Bug: I currently have 52/200 buddies on my Buddy List, yet I'm unable to add more people. Everything time I try, it says "Your Buddy List is Full", even though it is clearly not. I have also tried deleting old friends to...
  11. Kat

    S> godly mcs items

    Awesome gear man! Keep up the good work.
  12. Kat

    [Will] 90% HP Attacks Insta-kill

    Are you using a Ruin Force Shield?
  13. Kat

    Blaster Bugs (Post-December 23 Maintenance)

    I recorded a video of myself below fighting Normal Damien with Pets off, making it easier to see since there won't be any Auto-HP heals. When Normal Damien goes into the sky and casts his Fireball attack, each fireball is supposed to do 90% Max HP damage. During the attack, I charged Hyper...
  14. Kat

    Blaster Bugs (Post-December 23 Maintenance)

    I double-checked for Bug #1, and it does seem like it's working and the Stance% is simply not showing in the Stat Window! However, for Advanced Charge Mastery, the %HP damage reduction sometimes does not work. In some cases, the damage taken will completely apply, or in the case of 1-Hit KO...
  15. Kat

    Blaster Bugs (Post-December 23 Maintenance)

    IGN: Song Job: Blaster Job Level: Level 275 (Paragon 100) Firstly, I'd like to say thanks to all the bug fixes that you did @Nova that were listed in the previous thread. Many of the bugs were fixed, but some of them still remain. Bug #1: Blast Shield (1st Job Skill) should be giving Blasters...
  16. Kat

    Raecoon's Workshop [Closed]

    Thank you so much, it look amazing! I know I asked for a custom sort-of-art, and I'm really happy you were still willing to draw it!
  17. Kat

    Raecoon's Workshop [Closed]

    IGN: Song Discord: Kat#5963 Your ref(s): Style: Chibi Full Body - Full Colour (3B Each) BG color: Transparent Do you want your request posted on Discord/ my DA?: I don't mind where you want to post it. Note (if you want me to use regular black and white or additional info): As talked about on...
  18. Kat


    Pretty sure the skill is working. An Arcane Umbra Lucent Weapon has 206 Weapon Attack (Base), meaning this passive skill will give you 41.2 Magic Attack (Up to 20% of your Weapon's Base Attack). To achieve this, all you need is 82.4 Weapon Attack on all your gears combined (since it converts...
  19. Kat

    [CLOSED] Song's Service Shop (Tyrant Gloves, Flames, Arcane)

    Bump! Updated: [Sold] +1 Tyrant Glove Service [Sold] +1 Powerful Rebirth Flame [Sold] +1 Arcane Weapon Service
  20. Kat

    [FREE] kinky's art gachapon

    Totally not rigged.