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    Winter: Active | Friendly | Global | Boss | Events | PQ | Discord | Mains Only | Apply Now!

    Personal Information Name: Bronson Timezone: Hawaii (GMT-10) Discord (If Any):BronsonBulleh#8236 Tell us about yourself: I am currently working at goodyear trying to pursue my automotive career. I am a car guy and a computer guy at the same time which is a little weird but that makes me who I...
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    👑Minerva👑 - Active ♢ Friendly ♢ Boss ♢ Events ♢ Global ♢ Discord

    Name: Bronson Character Name: Flaxel Age:18 Timezone:Hawaii Time Zone How many hours are you on daily? 2-4 hours Why did you choose Minerva? How do you think we can help you grow? I really liked the presentation on the forum title and when I clicked the forum post the editing and the amount of...
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    Name:Bronson IGN:FrioleroPH Discord:Friolero#8236 Level:201 Gender:Male Age(optional):18 Timezone:Hawaiian Why do you want to join Create: Seems like a fun guild and I see smegas all the time promoting it. Previous guild (if yes, why did you leave):N/A Tell us about yourself:Love playing ariesms...