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    [v212.3] Rien's COMPLETE Leveling Guide [1 to 275] - [P0 to P100]

    Hey! I just saw your guide and had some questions. Just for a background info, I'm playing a Hero, 33k clean and about 380 arc. I can comfortably train at Elite Upper Stems, but the layout is TERRIBLE for Heroes :( I was wondering if you have any alternatives? I saw another training guide in...
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    [AriesMS] Leveling Guide 1-250 p100

    Hey guys I'm at lvl 231 and trying to level at EApples :( I'm sitting at 33k clean and about 380 arc. Hitting around 200m lines on the EApples. How fast is a viable kill speed? It seems like it takes me a little while to kill these mobs and I'm starting to wonder if this is actually viable...