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    Mid luk gears and Adele Main and Secondary

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    Mid luk gears and Adele Main and Secondary

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    Mid luk gears and Adele Main and Secondary

    Selling some gears and prices are listed inside. [Adele Main and Secondary] [Luk Gear] Pm me on discord danxerd#5668
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    CLOSED <Destroyer> Ban Appeal

    In-Game Name: Destroyer Job of Character: Adele Ban Reason: Autoban Reason of Appeal: Was training at EShark from 267- 270 for a couple of hours when i receive auto ban from system. Screenshot of Ban Message: Attached image :3 kindly refer to
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    CLOSED <liiliy> Ban Appeal

    try restart your router? I heard there was a similar issue with some other accounts as well. Hope it helps.
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    Buying naruto Wig

    As per title :3 finding naruto wig .. pm me price thanks ya ^^
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    Early till mid int gears only has hat and shoulder..

    pm me discord thanks. danxerd#5668 items listed below by pressing the link.
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    Leech done 188-200 and run out pless ban him!!

    Wrong place to post. Kindly post on report player section, please follow the format given. Thanks , maybe need to adjust your wording a bit as it’s not easy to understanding.
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    Buying CPQ wins

    Hi all, Looking for a partner for cpq or CPQ win everyday unless i am busy.... kindly pm me the price per round.. Thanks danxerd#5668
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    B> tyrant hyades cape/shoes/belt

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    B> tyrant hyades cape/shoes/belt

    what kind of tyarnt cape u looking for??
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    17* mchaos 33/30 abso shoulder (warrior) str and Neb 4% str

    Leave offer for shoulder .. A.w 8k Neb 4% str C.o 10k by Icepiggy a.w 14k
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    Oh no!! le has left us :3. Anyway good luck , I think you gotta ask yarly who he passed his ldr to hahahaha. I saw him guildless